Leadership Brand Building Program
The Leadership
Brand Building
“It’s not about crafting a leadership
style out of thin air in order to
influence people and “get ahead”.
It’s about discovering your own
personal leadership style. It’s about
connecting with others authentically.
It’s about instituting change that
benefits the company and the
people in it.”
A Workshop
Discover your Authentic Brand
Executive Coach
President & CEO of Bates
you Embrace and Maximize
your Unique Value
as a Leadership Team
“Who you are, what your values are, what
you stand for…
They are your anchor, your north star. You
won’t find them in a book. You’ll find them
in your soul.”
Anne Mulcahy
Former Chairman &
To find your deeper purpose
(your “WHY”) as a Leadership Team
So you can make your statement, answering these three questions:
 What value you provide (what problems do you solve)
 How you do it uniquely (your USPs)
 Whom you do it for (your target audience)
So you can:
Connect more effectively with key audiences
Elevate your leader profile
Increase your efficiency- expand the possibilities of what you can
The Program Phases
Phase I
and create
Phase II
Develop a
Phase III
2-Day Workshop
Recalibration of
Brand Building
Phase I - Awareness
Phase I
1. Brief from Sponsor – define needs and expectations
and create
2. Initiate and complete online the Alpha Assessment on individual
Leadership Style for the team members
3. Coaches/Facilitators conduct a Personal Awareness session with
each of the SLT members – analyse the Alpha assessment report
and accumulate their expectations for the program
4. Lead Coach/Facilitator conducts a Program Alignment session
with Sponsor to discuss the members’ expectations and fine-tune
the program of the Workshop
Phase II
The Context of Transformation and why you need
an impactful Leadership Brand as a Team
Day 1
Brand Building
Define your Leadership Brand
Visioning Exercise
Dialogos to agree on Team’s Leadership Brand
Learn and Practice the most effective brain targeted intervention to
manage competing priorities for exhibiting/living your Brand
Phase II
The Look of your Brand
The Sound of your Brand
The Behavior of your Brand
The Feel of your Brand
Team Commitments on Leadership Brand Values
Day 2
Building Personal
and Team
Present Team Member Leadership Styles
Explore individual strengths & risks
(Based on findings of Alpha Assessment)
Personal Effectiveness Exercise
Feedforward Exercise
Personal Improvement Commitments
Effective Communication Strategies of your Brand
Team Commitments towards Living your Leadership Brand
Phase III- Recalibration
Phase III
Recalibration of
In six (6) months conduct plenary recalibration session to track
individuals’ and team’s progress according to the expectations defined
at Phase I.
The Gains
Build personal and team awareness and accountability towards a strong
leadership brand
Accelerate the focus and effectiveness of the Team, contributing
significantly to tangible business needs
Increase capability to influence and navigate a variety of situations and
Strengthen the team’s identity , communication, trust and decision
Shape a high performance culture
Drive long-term value within your company
In Our Clients’ words…
If life is “experiences well lived”, then we, as a team, have been lucky enough to enjoy one of those great inspiring experiences that
get very deep and very far through this Leadership Team program of SARGIA Partners. It’s been a present to all of us with lots of
insight and fun. We’ve kept both. Thank you Sargia!
-Marica Labrou SingularLogic, CEO-
The 2 days workshop with SARGIA Partners, was one of the most rewarding, value adding and with clear outcomes and actions
Leadership programs, I have ever attended.In the difficult times we are all facing, it is important to have a TEAM that will raise the
bar, be together and keep the company at high growth levels. Great time, good fun and I recommend it to everyone that wants to
step up the team some levels higher!
-Gerassimos Sarafoglou Sara Lee Coffee & Tea Hellas, General Manager-
“SARGIA Partners gave to Rokas Renewables” team the unparalleled opportunity to reach team excellence, efficiency and
accountability through a highly intensive, professional and holistic workshop approach.
Thanasis Tsantilas Rokas Renewables – Iberdrola, Energy General Director-
“SARGIA Partners’ workshop has been great for our company. Everyone needs to step back for examining core competencies and
discovering just what makes their company and each other colleague invaluable. SARGIA Partners supplied the insights and the
tools to discover, develop and bond the team, such as to deliver effective results within a great learning culture. The whole team
came away from the session with tangible results and actions, which we could put into practice immediately. SARGIA Partners
was able to accomplish that task while at the same time keeping their audience engaged in a wonderful manner. Truly an one of a
kind experience!”
-George Stassis Enel Green Power Hellas, Country Manager-
SARGIA Partners built up a great connection with all members of the Executive Team prior to the workshop and they secured an
open and trustful climate during the implementation. The result exceeded everyone’s expectation; the Executive Team reached
significant insights with a very positive, engaging, and forward looking mindset.
-Panos Xynis, SIEMENS SA, CEO-
Time Plan
expectations with
Run Alpha
Awareness session
and define
expectations with
each participant
Alignment with
2-day Workshop
6 month
Tools & Methodologies
Personal Awareness and
influence style
With Alpha Assessment & Alpha Coaching Techniques developed by
the top international coaches, Dr. Kate Ludeman and Eddie Erlandson,
MD of Worth Ethic Corporation (
Leadership Branding
By Mary Spillane, world-renowned expert in communications,
business development, performance improvement, and personal
branding (
The Visioning Exercise for expanding awareness and mindfulness
according to Dr. Frank Kinslow’s work who is the founder of
Quantum Entrainment (
Building Personal Mastery
Neuroscoaching techniques to harness fear, accelerate change and
increase commitment for personal development by the world known
brain researcher , Srini Pillay, M.D. , founder of the NeuroBusiness
Group, (NBG) (
The feedforward methodology of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
The Alpha Assessment
An awareness tool that allows leaders to rate their alpha characteristics and to
recognize themselves in the four distinct alpha influence types.
Provides the client with individualized recommendations on the strengths and risks of
each of the four types- facilitating the Alpha client in self-reflection - a skill that is often
difficult for Alphas.
The client’s Alpha Profile then becomes the base the coach uses to develop
transformational coaching structures tailored to the specific strengths and risks of the
alpha client.
The Alpha Assessment
The Alpha Assessment was developed by Kate Ludeman and Eddie Erlandson,
industry-leading executive coaches who work with some of today’s primary
leaders and most successful companies. The Alpha Assessment was the
primary tool in researching their best-selling book, The Alpha Male
Syndrome published by Harvard Business school in developing Alpha
Methodology, over 15,000 Alpha surveys have been completed worldwide
and 1,507 subjects.
Lead Coach/Facilitator
Inspiring leaders to develop a “bigger” mind with vision,
mindfulness and agility.
Georgia is the founder and CEO of SARGIA Partners, a unique provider of state of the art human capital
development services linked to change strategy. She is also the founder of the Greek and Romanian
Chapters of CEO Clubs Int’l.
Her forward thinking ability, passion and professionalism allow her to offer unique value to
organizations in the area of leadership development with breakthrough solutions and tools. Her
international experience is a unique blend of leading change, commercial management career
consulting and transformational coaching.
Georgia is a certified Master Coach by the Center for Advanced Coaching (CAC) in the USA; certified
neuro-coach from the Neuro Business Group (NBG), certified Leadership Agility 360 Assessor by
Change Wise and certified by Quantum Entrainment on Mindful
Practices as they apply to authentic leadership.
Georgia Kartsanis
Leadership Coach,
CEO of SARGIA Partners &
President of CEO Clubs SEE
She has worked with leaders and leadership teams in the FMCG, financial, technology, pharmaceutical,
industrial and green energy sectors. Due to her diversified and vast experience in organizational
structure/management matters and unique capability of C- level coaching, she is typically engaged to
support leaders in improving their interpersonal impact, agility, creativity and executive presence, as
well as strengthening their team’s alignment and effectiveness.
Her rich international business career includes a decade as an industry leader in executive search
services and 20 years of commercial management experience from the consumer, industrial and
technology sectors, working with Stanton Chase, 3M, Philip Morris, TYCO and WR Grace, in Greece,
the USA and the Mid East.
Specialization: CEO Coaching, Leadership Team Alignment,
Leadership Agility and Neurocoaching
Support Coach
Gerty is a Master Coach, certified by the Center for Advanced Coaching
(CAC) of the USA; she is also a specialist in the area of Personal Brand
Coaching, trained by Nicola Murray of Tonic Ltd, UK.
She is an accomplished leadership coach, and Interpersonal Impact
specialist. She brings with her a true passion for partnering with
individuals, teams and organizations to create lasting transformational
change that delivers real value and business growth. She works with
executives from diverse businesses who understand that success
hinges on strategically managing their own professional growth,
leadership development and personal brand. Her diverse experience
and valuable skills are critical for clients who are motivated to go to the
next level.
Gerty Phili
Partner & Leadership Coach
of SARGIA Partners
She has served clients in Energy, Pharmaceutical, Banking sectors and
Telecommunication, FMCG, Retail and Technology services.
Prior to entering the field of coaching, her expertise was built upon her
success as an executive search professional and marketing, working for
12 years in executive search and 6 years in advertising area.
Specialization: Leadership Coaching and Personal Branding
Leadership Brand
Develop the ability to consistently and clearly
articulate your value proposition while influencing
and connecting with others

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