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Elinistech Ltd
A leading provider of Innovative Artificial
intelligence Bluetooth Smart technologies
for Internet of Everything
Company intellectual property
 CEO Eli Arad
[email protected]
 CTO Nissim Zur
[email protected] 0544-500635
 Expertise in unique Artificial intelligence wireless
innovative solutions for : Monitoring sensors, wearable
sensors, wellness sensors, medical sensors, home control
sensors, safety sensors.
 Company vision is to become the leader provider of core
Artificial intelligence wireless technologies. End user
products and for companies design products for Internet
of Things markets.
Company intellectual property
 Each product is backed by Patent pending
 The products form a Tree with different branches that
can be added to the tree.
 The company acts in three main channels:
• license technologies to companies under royalties and
license agreements.
• Manufacture core products development markets.
• Manufacture modules to be integrated on customers
Elinistech core intellectual property
 The company core intellectual property covers:
 Home wireless sensors :
 BlueTAG alarm for cellular systems.
 Infrastructure for sensors and actuators as: lights, doors, fire,
smoke, gas, etc’
 Baby in bed remote IR temperature sensor
 Medical sensors:
 Insulin pen usage monitor
 Pills consumption monitor and reminder
 Home power energy saver
 Monitor Unattended child behind, in an infant/child seat in a
 Internet of Thing innovative multimedia gateway.
 Each product is backed by Patent pending
What and How is Internet of Things
 “When smart things everywhere are connected together,
we will be able to do more and be more. This is the
Internet of Everything (IoE), a paradigm shift that marks a
new era of opportunity for everyone, from consumers and
businesses to cities and governments.”
 “IoE is changing our world, but its effect on daily life will
be most profound. We will move through our days and
nights surrounded by connectivity that intelligently
responds to what we need and want—what we call the
Digital Sixth Sense. Dynamic and intuitive, this experience
will feel like a natural extension of our own abilities. We
will be able to discover, accomplish and enjoy more (by
Facing the market
 How much is the “Internet of everything” worth?
 Cisco CEO says: “$19 trillion” (Cisco CEO John Chambers speaks at
Mobile World Congress)
 The ”Internet of everything” (IoE) will have five to 10
times the impact on society as the Internet itself, says
Cisco CEO John Chambers. Feb. 26, 2014
 Comprises of Smart-Phones, Tablets, Tablets,
wearable devices, Tags and Gateways connected to
home appliances, business, Government and other
many kind of public installations.
EnGenie revolution
 EnGenie is a first Internet of everything (IoE)
multimedia Wi-Fi Bluetooth smart (BT) Gateway.
 Why people will need it?
 All Tags (sensors and actuators devices) that will
populate future houses, public places, Airport
terminals, hospitals and more, will be assisted by the
EnGenie to be connected to people via the Internet
and Smart-phones.
The first IoE Multimedia gateway
EnGenie Revolution
 EnGenie will enhance the traditional home router with new
services due to its IoE multimedia Wi-Fi Bluetooth smart
bridges capabilities.
 It will assist any house, wellness sensors and appliance
bridge users’ smart phone and internet base services.
 In hospitals it will connect patients’ sensor as heart rate and
Pulse Oximeter for nurses’ centers and will reduce errors.
 In Airport terminals and large public places it will assist and
monitor passengers location and guide them.
 In offices it will monitor employees’ location and will reduce
power consumption.
 In malls it will help buyers to find shops, and within shop to
find products.
 The BlueTag is a composite device
that contains several sensors to
demonstrate different uses in
several products.
 As iAlert, a part of Home/ Office
Alert System. The first in its class,
wireless self installed alert system,
reporting to EnGenie and users’
smart phone.
35 mm X 10 mm
Power Saver
 The PowerSaver
attaches to power
socket or be a part
power socket at homes
and offices and help
save electric power.
 The PowerSaver will be
operated by BlueTags,
Smart-Phones and/or
 The PowerSaver
enhances house safety
Bluetooth smart
Insulin Pen (BSIP)
 Insulin Pens are essential for people with Diabetics
type 1 and/or type 2.
 It requires careful utilization and practice by
manufacturer instructions.
 The BSIP monitoring the Insulin Pen usage and offer a
Bluetooth wireless connection for caretaking and to
Bluetooth smart Glucometer.
Insulin Pen
Pills Cap
 Elderly people tend
to forget taking their
pills regularly.
 The Pills cap devices
the pills
report to caretaker.
 The pillsCap monitors the pills cap opening and reminds
the user by beep and voice.
 It has wireless link to users’ smart phone and care takers.
Baby Guardian Angel
 There is a big sad situation of parents or minibus drivers,
abandoning infants in their vehicle to die or to experience
severe injury.
 This device’s solution may help minimize such frightening
 Media reports 605 child vehicular heatstroke deaths for a
fourteen year period (1998 through 2013). Half forgotten in
 It speaks for itself. This Guardian should be adopted by all
Baby Guardian Angel
 Baby Guardian Angel is a device and methods for reducing the
likelihood of leaving an unattended child behind in an
infant/child seat in a vehicle.
 The Child’s sensing device detects the presence of child or infant
on vehicle seat, and automatically wirelessly sends command to
launch a Baby Guardian application on the driver’s smart phone.
 If the driver with his smart phone walks away from the car, an
alert will be sound on the driver’s smart phone.
 The Child’s sensing device automatically activates and
deactivates the Baby Guardian application on the smart phone
based on the detection of a child in car site.
 Baby Guardian application is also discloses as packed in car
cigarette plug charger, and key fab.
Baby Guardian Angel
 Photo
Potential of Elinistech
 In order to get perspective for the potential of
Elinistech, see :
 mid 2013, Google bought “Nest” for more than 3 Billion
 Nest is doing Thermostats and Smoke detectors.
Potential of IoT
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