Open Source
Nijjwal Shrestha
CETES, Tech Night
October 21, 2014
I. What exactly is open source?
II. Why should you care about it ?
III. Where can you find them?
IV. Comparison of some popular open source software with
proprietary software.
V. Open source software I use at my work and my repository.
VI. Business prospective of open source software, where these
software are being used.
VII. Why open source software is not popular compared to vendor
VIII. Some interesting projects made with open source software.
I. What is an open source
Recipe of coke
What is an open source cont..
A. Software whose code is available for everyone to
see, modify, customize and use it without paying
B. Show actual code and explain a mistake for addition.
C. Show exe file and explain.
D. What software vendors provides
E. Errors in huge proprietary software could be hard to
fix because there could be millions of lines of code and
there will be limited number of people
II. Why should you care about open source?
A. Why I care about open source?
B. Open source software runs smoothly.
C. Errors and security flaws are fixed instantly -> Correct
output and more secure and reliable system.
D. Saves time (blueprint) because you can extend it.
E. Saves time and money because you don’t have to fix
F. Not everyone is tech-savvy, they might not be able to
fix problems.
III. Where can you find open source
•From their website
IV. Comparisons
Linux vs. Windows
-Very few viruses compared to Windows
-Linux is faster than Windows
-Comes with Apache Open Office
-Easy installation, can be installed side-by-side along
with windows
-Not completely immune to viruses
-Cannot run software made for Windows
Solution: Wine
V. Open source software I use at work
(Drupal ,Wordpress, Joomla) Vs. Traditional Programming
•-Open Source Content Management System
•Gimp vs. Photoshop
•-Gimp is similar to Photoshop.
•jBPM vs. Silkroad
-Saves thousand of dollars
-One person in a company can get employment instead
of paying money to a software company
•Internet Explorer vs. Firefox
VI. Where are these software
Linux is used in Servers, Banks, Universities, Companies and lots
of other companies
•Drupal is used by White House, Amnesty International, Harvard
University, The Economist, American Red Cross and others.
• https://groups.drupal.org/government-sites
Users: The New York Times, CNN, Ebay, and
VII. Can I make money by learning
Open Source Software?
•Indeed statistics
•Senior Drupal Developer
•Wordpress Developer
•Linux System Administrator
•jBPM developer
VIII. Why is it not so popular?
•Computer comes pre-shipped with these
vendor software pre-installed
Interesting Projects made with
Open Source Software
•Reliable, secure, fast, and free

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