By Eugenie, Kaylin, and Sam
What is Meningitis???
• Well, meningits is the inflammation of the
meninges , which are caused by bacterial
infections but sometimes from viral,
protozoan, or other causes.
• There are two types of Meningitis, viral and
Origins of Meningitis
• 1.Some say that Hippocrates may have realized the existence of meningitis,
then called "dropsy in the brain“.
2.Lots of counties around the world have experienced meningitis epidemics
3.Mortality from meningitis WAS very high
• 4.Antiserum was produced in horses, which was great, but then
• ''Haemophilus'' vaccines became even better to prevent meningitis.
Signs and Symptoms of Meningitis
Severe headaches as well as:
1. Stiff Neck
2. Sudden high fevers
3. Intolerance to bright light
4. Intolerance to loud noises
Meningitis is not hereditary, but is contagious by sharing drinks with someone
who is infected, kissing, coughing, sneezing, and etc.
These symptoms usually last 7 to 10 days if longer…. Get to a Doctor!!
Effects: Long term/family & Short term
• Long term effects of meningitis include a loss of hearing, memory
difficulty, loss of speech, blindness, learning disabilities,
paralysis, and brain damage.
• When someone in a family has meningitis, it is extremely crucial
for their family members to maintain a safe distance as well as
wash their hands frequently. This is because meningitis is
• Short term effects of meningitis include tinnitus (ringing in the
ears), balance problems, violent temper tantrums, severe
migraines, mood swings, clumsiness, and just a general tiredness.
-Because meningitis enters the body via the hand-to-mouth route, it is vital for
people to wash their hands frequently.
-Children should be vaccinated against mumps and the flu, so as to reduce the risk of
eventually developing bacterial meningitis. Taking this precaution is a smart thing to
-Bacterial meningitis can lead to death if not treated immediately.
-To treat short term meningitis, it is important that the affected person eats a
balanced diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes and pulses.
Also, staying away from alcohol products as well as junk/fast foods is necessary for
-For more severe cases of meningitis, people may have to take an antiviral drug, such
as acyclovir. Cases of bacterial meningitis, specifically, may call for antibiotics,
corticosteroids (which reduce inflammation), rifampin (which is given to family
members to reduce contagiousness), and diazepam (in case seizures occur).
-Building up a strong immune system is very important as well. It helps to eliminate
meningitis, and there are some herbs and supplements that are made to strengthen
one’s immunity.
-Wash your hands often, eat a healthy diet, and get vaccinated. Don’t forget!
• Did you know????
• A character from the television reality show
“Switched at Birth” lost her hearing as an effect
of meningitis.
• Did you know????
• Boys are more likely to develop meningitis than
girls are.
• Did you know????
• About 2,500 Americans contract the disease each
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