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CNN Hero: Pushpa Basnet
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxbuHSDuQZ8
 Pushpa Basnet goes to pick up two kids from a jail
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxLfEZ4BoYk
 Pushpa’s documentary “Waiting For Mamu” teaser
 http://www.cnn.com/2012/03/15/world/cnnheroes
CNN Hero Page
Pushpa’s website
Let Her Go
Extra Information
 Nepal is very poor, so many parents are doing drugs,
trafficking, etc. to earn money. When they are caught,
and the children go to prison with them, that’s where the
problem is.
 By 2030, the population of 23 million will double, yet the
industries of agriculture and forestry, which supports
80% of the people, can’t keep up, which will cause more
 This global problem occurs in Nepal
 Because so many kids are going to jail in Nepal, the kids
don’t get the education they need. Many five year olds go
to jail for 13 years. When they come out, they don’t know
anything, except for what they experienced in the
Global Problem
 Pushpa Basnet lives in Nepal, one of the most
poorest countries in the world.
 In Nepal, when a parent is arrested, and there isn’t a
local guardian available, they can choose to take
their children with them to the prison, or let them
live on the streets.
 Pushpa is taking children out of the prisons, and
giving them the childhood and education they
Pushpa’s Inspiration
 When Pushpa was 21, she was studying social work
at her college. She was told to visit a women’s prison,
and when she arrived, she was shocked at the terribe
conditions. She was also surprised to see children
living behind the prison bars. One baby girl grabbed
her shawl, and gave Pushpa a big smile.
 "I felt she was calling me," Basnet said. "I went back
home and told my parents about it. They told me it
was a normal thing and that in a couple of days I'd
forget it. But I couldn't forget.“
 "It's not fair for (these) children to live in the prison
because they haven't done anything wrong. My
mission is to make sure no child grows up behind
prison walls.“ –Pushpa Basnet
 We chose this quote because it shows her
commitment to her “global problem,” she is
determined not to let any children who have not
done anything wrong grow up in the prison.
Action Plan
 When she was 21, Pushpa decided that she would
start a day care to bring the kids she was taking out
of the prisons to live in
 She called it the Early Childhood Development
 She got her friends to donate some money, and
rented a building in Kathmandu for her program
 Some people who benefit from Basnet’s
organization are:
All the imprisoned mothers who want a brighter future for their
 All the children who did nothing wrong, and deserve a happy
childhood and education
 Just two months after Basnet visited the prison for
her college, she brought five kids out of the prison
She picked them up at the prison during the weekdays every
morning, and then took them to her center, and brought them
back in the afternoon.
 Since 2005, she has helped over 100 children with
imprisoned parents.
Reason For Selection
 We chose Pushpa Basnet because we thought that
what Basnet is doing was incredibly sweet, and that
she was doing something very important, by giving
imprisoned kids the life they deserve.
 We were also very surprised at her dedication to her
project when we found out that she was only 21 at
the time when she started “taking in” imprisoned
 Pushpa Basnet made us feel empathetic about
the children in Nepal, and the situation that
they were in
Global Citizenship Practitioner
 Pushpa is an outstanding “global citizenship
practitioner” because she helped the children in
Nepal out of the situation that they were in. Pushpa
really cares about others and took action against a
problem. This is why Pushpa Basnet is an
outstanding “global citizenship practitioner” .

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