PPOA Corporate Profile Presentation

Who we are
The Public Procurement Oversight Authority is the organization
responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Public
Procurement & Disposal Act, 2005 and its regulations. Our key objective
is to ensure public procurement is undertaken in an open, fair,
transparent and competitive manner.
Our Vision
To be the leading public procurement and disposal regulator globally
Our mission
To enhance national socio-economic development by facilitating and
ensuring the implementation of an effective and efficient public
procurement and disposal system.
Our Mandate
The PPOA is mandated with the responsibility of:
1) Ensuring that procurement procedures established under the
Act are complied with
2)Monitoring the procurement system and reporting on its
overall functioning
3)Initiating public procurement policy
4)Assisting in the implementation and operation of the public
procurement system by:
5)Preparing and distributing manuals and standard tender
6)Providing advice and assistance to procuring entities, and
7)Develop, promote and support training and professional
development of staff involved in procurement
Our role in achievement of Vision 2030
Procurement is an integral function of public financial management
system and PPOA is enabler under the economic pillar in the
achievement of Vision 2030.
The implementation of Vision 2030 will entail huge procurement of
goods, works and services by procuring entities. As the Government
undertakes these projects, PPOA through its mandate oversees;
The proper utilization of the resources allocated
Ensure timely implementation of projects and
Ensure the Government achieves value for money.
PPOA strives to build capacity of all procuring entities by undertaking
procurement reviews, training and advising with emphasis on those
implementing the Vision 2030 flagship projects.
Other Institutions under PPAD,2005
Public Procurement Advisory Board
 The role of the Board is to advice the PPOA on its activities, to approve
its budget and to appoint the Director General.
Public Procurement Administrative Review Board
 This Board was formed to handle complaints in relation to tenders.
Their role is to settle disputes that may arise as a result of a disputed
tendering process.
 All cases must be presented to the Board within 14 days from the
notification of award or an occurrence of a breach in the
procurement process before a contract is signed.
 At any stage including instances where contracts have been signed,
an aggrieved party may lodge a complaint to the Director General
PPOA to investigate.
 All cases submitted to the board are resolved within 30 days from
the date of filing. However those not satisfied with the resolution
of the Board may seek redress at the High Court.
National Bank Building, 10th Floor
Harambee Avenue
P.O. Box 58535 - 00200
Telephone No. +254 (020)3244000, 2213106/7
Fax: +254 (020) 2213105, 3244377, 3244277
e-mail: [email protected]
website : www.ppoa.go.ke

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