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Support for the Long Term Unemployed
Help to Work Support
Supervised Jobsearch Pilots
TSEF 28 November 2013
Long Term Unemployment Package
• Under ‘Help to Work’ Jobseekers Allowance claimants returning from the Work
Programme who do not have a job will go onto one of three intensive modes of
support, depending on need as determined by a Jobcentre Plus advisor:
– 1/3 are expected to go on the Mandatory Intervention Regime (MIR) which
is currently operating in Jobcentre Plus;
– 1/3 are expected to sign on in a Jobcentre every day; and
– 1/3 are expected to be referred to community work placements scheme
• If claimants remain on benefits after a period of daily signing or community
work placements, they will be transferred to MIR support.
• This will begin in April 2014 and be rolled out over 2014. Until then, the vast
majority of JSA returners from the Work Programme will receive MIR support.
Department for Work & Pensions
Long Term Unemployment Package
• Extension to Mandatory Intervention Regime (MIR) which is currently
operating in Jobcentre Plus
• Daily Signing in a Jobcentre. Introduced between April and December 2014
• Six month community work placement for 30 hours a week, alongside
provider-led jobsearch.
Department for Work & Pensions
Community Work Placements
• This will be aimed at claimants whose key barrier to work is lack of work
experience or motivation.
• The Invitation to Tender will be released October 13 and referrals will begin in
Spring 2014.
• These schemes are mandatory. If claimants fail to participate in MIR,
community work placements or their daily signing regime they will have their
JSA stopped for 4 weeks for a first failure, and 13 weeks for a second failure.
Department for Work & Pensions
Community Work Placements
Commercial Competition Timeline
The Tender Documentation published on the DWP e-procurement solution
portal on 24 October 2013.
Tenders are due back on 5 December 2013
Preferred Bidders will be announced on 3 March 2014
Contracts will be awarded from 14 March 2014
Community Work Placements will go live starting from April 2014
Department for Work & Pensions
Community Work Placements
• Information Pack for External Organisations
– DWP has prepared a ‘Community Work Placements Information Pack’
that will be available on Supplying DWP from 4 November 2013 to 4
December 2013.
– The pack provides further information on Community Work
Placements. It also signposts possible delivery partners to the
Employment Related Support Services (ERSS) Framework Suppliers
who are eligible to tender for contracts within each Community Work
Placements Contract Package Area.
– The ERSS Framework Suppliers are advised within the Tender
Documentation about the Information Pack and that they are under no
obligation to make use of any services interested organisations may
offer and that DWP will not be responsible for any subsequent
arrangements between suppliers and their delivery partners.
Department for Work & Pensions
Supervised Jobsearch Pilots
• Two pilots
• Claimants will attend a local centre for 35 hours a week to jobsearch and apply
for jobs, with support and supervision, for up to six months.
• Attendance will be mandatory and failures to participate without good reason
will lead to a benefit sanction.
• One pilot will test the approach on very long-term unemployed claimants who
remain on benefit even after receiving a period the intensive support we’re
providing for those leaving the Work Programme.
• The other pilot will be targeted at claimants we identify as potentially benefiting
from this intensive support earlier in their claim, prior to the Work Programme.
Department for Work & Pensions
Supervised Jobsearch Pilots
• The pilots will be running by the end of 2014
• Each of the two pilots will have around 3,000 participants.
• We not yet identified the areas in which the pilots will run.
• We will bring forward new regulations for the pilots.
• We will confirm delivery details in due course but we are considering all
options, including contracting out the pilots.
Department for Work & Pensions

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