Introduction to Government
Wednesday 26th March 2014
Mark Griffiths
About Me
• Graduated last year from Lancaster University with a first in
Mathematics with Statistics
• I Joined DWP in August, applied in the autumn
• Previous work experience: Student Ambassador for my university(2
years) and shop assistant(5 years)
• Work in Sheffield, live with my parents 
• On a quest
UK Government & Statistics
• Unlike most other European countries, rather than one department
responsible for statistics it is decentralised
• This means what we do is influenced by the government of the time
• But analysts work along side other civil servants on projects that
otherwise would not have access to. Thus influencing policy.
• We have UK statistics authority to enforce high standards across
• ONS only department without a minister as head
• 5 mains areas: 1. Analyse, 2. Evaluate, 3. Disseminate, 4. Advise and
5. Influence
My Role and Responsibilities
• For my day job I create and maintain management information
reports for Job Centres and PIP
• As part of a side project I am working with another part of my
department to look at ways of measuring there performance.
• I helped to create and run a newsletter for my division
• I am leading on a an initiative to review the services we provide to our
• Also fire warden and building rep for statisticians in Sheffield
Civil Service Myths
• Unionised and Strike often
• All support labour
• You have to be interested in politics
• You will need to make your career in London
• Old fashioned, inefficient and frivolous
Benefits of Working in the Civil Service
• Lots of supported development opportunities
• Flexible and ‘enlightened’ work conditions
• Many different career opportunities within the one employer
• In a community of analysts
• Social side
• Offices around the country
Entry Routes
Assistant Statistician(Fast Stream)
Statistical Officer(Main Intake)
• Recruitment open currently,
reopens in September.
• Application sift, Online tests, Etray exercise, statistical
assessment centre and a fast
stream assessment centre.
• Salary is about £4000 pa more
than the StO
• Currently closed opens again in
the autumn, Check the GSS
• After application form sift, one
interview and test
• Salary £22,000-£25,000, more in
London (approx. £3000)

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