LastPass Enterprise Overview

the problem is…
poor password hygiene
 61% of people reuse the same password on multiple sites.
 44% change their password only once a year or less.
 Password theft increased by 300% in 2012.
 Breached in the last year: Dropbox, WordPress,
Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Yahoo!, Google+,
LinkedIn and the list goes on.
 Password1 is the most commonly used
password by global businesses.
the solution is…
LastPass Enterprise
Enterprise Password Vaulting
SSO for Cloud Applications
Autofill: saves and fills usernames and
passwords for virtually all websites
SAML SSO for cloud applications
Sharing: securely and easily share logins
with others
Takes over where other SSO solutions leave
Reporting: view historical data and audit
employee logins
Active Directory Integration: connects to
AD/LDAP, for easy provisioning
Policies: 50+ customizable policies
Affordable and simple implementation
Alerts: automatic notifications for weak
passwords, duplicate passwords and more
LastPass Enterprise
helps to…
to protect …
 Protect against phishing
 Protect against password reuse
 Ensure regulatory compliance
 Improve employee password hygiene
 Address convergence of personal and
professional with linked accounts
 Enforce multifactor authentication for untrusted
 Receive automated breach alerts from global
to manage…
 Manage from a single, easy-to-use portal in real time
 Preload vault for new employees with group credentials, sites, and
cloud applications
 On the spot provisioning for cloud applications
 Simple and centralized deployment with AD integration
 Seamless employee on-boarding and off-boarding
 Automated email templates to target and
train users to optimize tool
 Reduce (and potentially eliminate) passwordrelated calls to IT helpdesks.
to be efficient…
 The last password you will ever have to remember
 Auto-fill long, complex, unique passwords on every site and tool
 No more calling the help desk for password resets or lockouts
 Team can share group credentials; password updates sync in real time
Average logins/employee/week
Average time/login (seconds)
Average time spent per employee/month on logins (hours)
Number of employees
Hourly wage/employee
Productivity lost on logins (annually)
Features at a Glance…
Auto-capture and Autofill at Site
Host Proof Security
Password Generator Tool
Linux support
Duplicate Password Alert at Site
Window Phone, Blackberry
Google Authenticator 2nd Factor
Offline Access
Yubikey 2nd Factor
Administrative Console
Smart Card 2nd Factor
SAML SSO for Cloud Services
Out of Band 2nd factor (DUO, Toopher)
Ability to Link Accounts
Biometric 2nd Factor
Shared Folders
Secure Notes
Usage Notifications
Automated Form Fill
Configurable Policies
Security Challenge
Active Directory Integration
Automate breach alert
Compliance Reporting
Universal Sync

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