KEHA Mission
Improving the quality of life for
families and communities through
leadership development, volunteer
service, and education.
2013-2014 Theme
Stitched Together for Success
 Describes connections across the organization
 Conveys message of accomplishment
 Potential uses:
 County and area annual meeting theme
 Training and programmatic theme
 Promotional and membership activities
2013-2014 Focus
 First year emphasis from KEHA President Susan
 Goal: KEHA members will consider the history of the
organization and how it impacts our future.
 Potential activities:
Develop or update club history and county organization history
Create a historical timeline for your club and county
Recognize outstanding members from the past
Recognize outstanding FCS Extension agents
Membership Contest
Let’s Boost Our EGO!
 Challenge: Everyone Get One – each member is
challenged to recruit a new member.
 Goal: Increase membership with the potential to
double our numbers.
 Contest: County with greatest
percentage increase will receive $100
and Ms. E. Go ‘traveling trophy’.
2014 State Meeting
Share Your Knowledge
 Teach: Submit a proposal to present
a learning session
 Showcase: Share your work through
a Homemaker Showcase display
 Take part: Register, attend and actively
 Recruit: Bring a friend or recruit a speaker
Clubs and Counties
Implement a program of work for your club and
 Include goals, lessons and projects from the eight
state educational chairmen’s programs of work
 Connect club and county programs with the county
FCS Extension plan of work
 Address needs of families in
your communities, in the state
and around the globe
Clubs and Counties
Empower community leaders
 Provide leadership training opportunities for
 Take an active role in the community
 Support Extension programs through
volunteer service
 Inform local decision makers of the
impacts and public value of KEHA and
Cooperative Extension
Dates to Remember
July – KEHA program year begins
 July 1: Club program of work reports due to county
 July 1: VSU logs due to the county leadership chairman
 July 15 – 18: National Volunteer
Outreach Network Annual Conference
hosted by KEHA in Frankfort, Ky
 July 24-26: National Master Farm Homemakers Guild
Meeting hosted by Kentucky Guild in Lexington, Ky
Dates to Remember
August – Suggested time for leadership training
 August 15: County program of work reports
due to the area educational chairmen
 August 15: County VSU reports due to
the area leadership chairman
September – Membership drive emphasized
 September 15: Area program of work reports due to area
educational chairmen
 September 15: Area VSU reports due to state leadership
Dates to Remember
October – Begin program planning for 2014-2015
 October 12-18: KEHA Week
 October 15: Deadline for submitting
session proposals for the
2014 KEHA State Meeting
November – Fall KEHA Board Meeting
Dates to Remember
December –
 December 1: Membership dues due to county treasurer
 December 15: County dues due to
area and state treasurer
 December 31: County membership
report due to area
 December 31: County dues delinquent
if not received by this date
Dates to Remember
January – County/area program planning for
 January 15: Membership database updates
due via the online system
February – International Month
 February 1: Membership recognition reports
due to KEHA 2nd Vice President
Dates to Remember
March – Promote KEHA State Meeting and State
Board Position Openings
 March 1: Due date for:
 KEHA Contest Entries
 Scholarship and Mini-Grant Applications
 KEHA Development Grant Applications
 Area Showcase Forms for 2014 KEHA State Meeting
Dates to Remember
April – Registration deadlines for KEHA State
 April 12: Due date for credentials for:
 1st Vice President
 Treasurer
 Educational Chairmen:
 Environment, Housing and Energy
 Food, Nutrition and Health
 Leadership Development
Dates to Remember
May – Attend KEHA State Meeting
 May 12-15:
KEHA State Meeting
Holiday Inn &
Sloan Convention Center
Bowling Green, Kentucky
June –
 June 30: KEHA program year ends

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