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Drinking Water
Scarcity of water
Drinking Water
Deterioration in quality of drinking water
Quality of Drinking Water
The major sources of drinking water are rivers
But the insufficient quantity of
river water is unable to meet
drinking water demands of most
of the municipalities.
Hence municipalities have to
meet-up this shortfall from the
Quality Issues with River Water
River water is getting contaminated due to
Direct disposal of sewage into rivers by municipalities
River water is also getting contaminated due to
Excessive discharge of industrial pollutants into rivers
River water is also getting contaminated due to
Extensive disposal of plastics & chemicals into rivers
Quality Issues with Ground Water
Extensive withdrawal of ground water for agriculture & domestic
use is fast depleting the level of underground water.
Deeper underground water encounters deposits of hard minerals
specially Arsenic, Fluoride and Pesticides.
The groundwater is also getting contaminated due to
Percolation of household wastes, livestock wastes,
pesticides, fertilizers etc. into the groundwater.
Health Effects of Drinking Impure Water
These water impurities cause serious diseases to mankind
Quality of Water Purified by Municipalities
municipalities purify river water
before supplying it to residential areas.
their water treatment methods are
minimal & comprise of Filtration and
Chlorination to prevent the bacterial
the Water Treatment Plants
lack the facilities to remove the harmful
dissolved impurities such as Arsenic,
Fluoride, Chemicals & Pesticides.
Rusting of Pipelines
To curb the wastage of water, Municipality supply water for limited
hours only. Rest of the hours, these pipelines are exposed to air
which oxidizes them and results in the formation of rust in them.
This rust gets dissolved in water traveling through these pipelines.
Ingress of Sewage
Besides rusting, municipal pipelines are also exposed to the
ingress of sewage due to leakage in pipelines.
Contamination of Water in Overhead Tanks
With increasing
urbanization, water
supplied by the
municipalities is not used
for drinking purpose
directly. Instead it is stored
in the overhead tanks
which are a breeding
ground for bacteria and
Contamination of Water in Household Pipelines
Water also gets contaminated while traversing the network of
age-old pipelines in homes. Thus, by the time it reaches a tap, it
becomes unfit for drinking purpose.
Required Quality of Water
99% of the water supplied by
municipalities is used for bathing,
washing and cleaning purpose
Only 1% of the water supply is used
for drinking purpose
While water required for bathing and
washing does not require strict
standards for dissolved impurities,
drinking water certainly needs to meet
more stringent norms.
Purifying the Drinking Water
One can install more expensive Purification System at municipal end to
purify the river water & the groundwater to drinking water standards.
But 99% of this high quality drinking
water would be used for bathing &
washing which do not require such
high standards of water purification.
Therefore it would be a waste of the
expensive resources.
Even if the water would be purified to
drinking water quality, by the time it
would reach a tap, it would become
contaminated by Rust and Bacteria and
would be unfit for drinking.
Pure Drinking Water - Must for a Healthy Nation
Only solution is to use POU water purifiers
The Best Solution - POU Water Purifiers
Therefore need of an hour is to
emphasize the importance of purifying
the municipal water at the point of use.
This measure would ensure that even
after getting a water supply which got
contaminated during transportation
and storage, the customer still drinks
only 100% safe drinking water with
the aid of POU purifiers.
The Best Solution - POU Water Purifiers
Instead of installing expensive
Purification Systems at the Municipal
end, the best way out is to promote use
of POU (Point of Use) Water Purifiers.
The present day purifiers are effective
in removing even the dissolved impurities
besides bacteria & viruses.
These purifiers when installed at the
point of consumption would make the
drinking water 100% pure & safe.
Thank You
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