 Passionate about their work
 Journalists know that their purpose is to serve the
public not the government or any other person or
 We have quite a number of journalists who are able
to report on issues that affect the community.
 Every journalist has access to a computer and
 Journalism in Namibia is unique due to the fact that
there is a high level of freedom of expression.
 Most organisations have transportation and
buildings where they operate from..
 Most of our journalists especially the
seniors do not have proper training.
 Because of limited resources, most of
the journalists who are trained do not
practice as journalists and some of
them leave the profession after some
 Journalism in Namibia is somewhat
unprofessional .
 Journalism in Namibia was not
considered as a profession but now
its growing everyday as we see most
students graduating.
 There is market growth in the
Namibian media as we see a lot of
newspapers, magazines as well as
new programs being produced.
 Our positive perceptions about the
media business in Namibia is that its
growing slowly but surely everyday.
 Other media organisations around the world are
technologically advanced and that poses a threat to us
and in terms of digital migration , they are way ahead
of us.
 Most of our qualified journalists leave the country for
greener pastures.
 Due to some of the rules and regulations imposed on
the work of journalism in our country, the work of
journalism is at stake.
 Because of inflation, journalists might be poorly paid
and this might impact on their work, living standards
and also their companies might not be able to provide
services such as transport, internet etc.
Most students are graduating from university so from now up to 2018, we will
have more professional journalists.
We see the media business growing at a fast pace, so by 2018 we will have a lot
of magazines and newspapers and online advertising companies
contributing to the media economy.
The mere fact that Namibia is ranked number 1 in Africa for freedom of
expression, we see journalists having a good reputation.
As it is now, there is a negative and positive attitude by the audience and by
2018, we expect the same attitude to be present.
Due to the increase in social media, literacy and technology, we expect the
consumption of media content to be high.
As it is now, journalists are observing ethics but not that much when it comes to
social media and we expect journalism ethics concerning online media to be
put in place by 2018.
 Journalism will be a respectable profession by 2018.
 Due to the fact that it will be respected, journalists
might be well paid by 2018.
 Journalists might be technologically advanced and
might be good entrepreneurs in terms of bringing
innovative and creative ideas in the media business.
 We expect media freedom to be 100%.
 The media business might also be less profitable
because everyone might want to do this business and
there will be massive competition because people will
be fighting for the same market.
 Conventional journalism might die and online media
will take over.

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