ACIR- What, How & When
November 2014
Anne Nunan
Allison Elliot
• Understand the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR)
• Understand data available from ACIR for general practice &
Medicare Local
• Know how to enhance the practice role of immunisation data
management within general practice
• knowing how to troubleshoot immunisation data issues and be
ongoing reference.
• The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register- 1996
• History statements
• Coverage data
• Family Tax Benefit – Centrelink
• Collects data on vaccine refuses/ and natural immunity
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Status.
Immunisation coverage
Coverage report
• 31 March
• 30 June
• 30 September
• 31 December
Children included
• Cohort 1: 12-15 months (2,4,& 6 month encounters)
• Cohort 2: 24-27 months (2,4,6 & 12 month encounters)
• Cohort 3: 60-63 months (2,4,6,12 , 18 month and 4 years)
Calculation method:
Immunisation status of a child is assessed according to the NIP and the
National Due & Overdue rules. Immunisation coverage is determined by
the department of Health. All antigens included in the NIP are currently
included in coverage calculations except Rotavirus.
ACIR Reports/Statements
General Practice
Practice statements
• Immunisation payment statement /monthly
• ACIR Access via portal
ACIR Reports
ACIR001A – number of children registered with ACIR
ACIR002A – number (or percentage) of children who have received valid
ACIR011B - due / overdue report by provider
ACIR0021A – due /overdue report
General Practice Systems
• Timely data delivery
• Quality data entry
• Check immunisation payment statement
• Clarify rejected encounters (code)-
• Recall/reminder letters/SMS/Birthday cards to parents/carers
• ACIR Secure Web site
• Check data base/client and correct any data errors.
• Follow-up any over due
Monthly ACIR Statement
ACIR- 11B report
Provider Reporting to ACIR
Reporting to ACIR
• ACIR via Medicare online
• Online via Portal
• Immunisation encounter forms- post/email
• Phone
ACIR access to Secure Site
Reporting other information to ACIR
Method of reporting to ACIR
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
Identify using practice software- ACIR will be notified through
electronic transfer process.
Immunisation by another provider
Immunisations that the child has been given, either in Australia or
overseas, should be reported to the ACIR. This information can be
reported using the (purple) ACIR Immunisation History Form or the
secure web site portal. h
Vaccine Refuses
This can be submitted via fax on the form:
Medical Contraindication
This can only be submitted manually:
Natural Immunity
No longer necessary to report as 18 month encounter still MMRV
Deceased child
This can be submitted in writing on practice letter head with the GP
providers’ signature.
ACIR Reports/Statements
Medicare Locals/PHN
• ACIR001A=Number of children registered with ACIR
• ACIR002A – Number (or %) of children who have received valid vaccinations
• ACIR003A – Number of children whose parents have withdrawn consent
• ACIR005 - Number of providers who have submitted valid vaccination
information to ACIR
• ACIRA011A – Due/Overdue report by locality
• ACIR012A- Database exchange report
• ACIRA016A Provider contact details
• ACIR033A – General practices supplying immunisation data to the ACIR as a
• ACIR036A – Due/Overdue report
Medicare Local
• ACIR – access
• Promote program eNews/newsletter/web
• Review quarterly data – (KR2, LGA data, Provider Split)
Published data
• Promote access and use of 11B report to practices
Include age of cohorts to be assessed by ACIR next date
• 36A report- check duplicate child.
Collaborating with Local Government to
Improve Childhood Immunisation Coverage
• Assess Immunisation Provider Split via ACIR NIC5B
• Order and download ACIR 36A from ACIR Secure
• Import data (5 excel files) into ACIR Update
• Create Local Government reports and liaise with LGA
officers for follow-up
Report Analysis
ACIR General Enquires:
1800 653 809
Assist parents and practices regarding the immunisation history of a child.
ACIR Internet Help Desk: 1300 650 039
Assists practices regarding the ACIR Secure Site
ACIR Stationary Orders:
Stationary requests
1800 067 307
ACIR Forms:
ACIR Information for providers:
ACIR Information for parents:
ACIR Secure site:
GPO Box M933
Perth WA 6843
Fax: (08) 9254 4810

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