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SAU Energy Talking Points
• SAU per square foot energy cost of $1.20 is
among the most efficient in the state.
• District Heating and Cooling Systems save 30% on
annual electricity cost and 15% on annual gas
cost over conventional stand-alone systems.
• Estimate Annual Savings:
$ 58,437
SAU District Cooling System
Phase XIII Completed This Year
SAU Energy Talking Points
• Selecting energy efficient equipment has resulted in
approximately $100,000 in rebates from power and gas
companies over the past 5 years.
• $2.5M AARA funding and $1.6M RLF funding spent on
energy efficiencies over past 4 years. In the 2010/2011
FY, SAU experienced a 21% reduction in KWH, and 11%
reduction in demand charges and a cost reduction of
35%. However, record heat waves, 14% increase in new
construction square footage, a 115% increase in water
unit cost , 47% increase in wastewater unit cost and a
7.9% increase in student enrollment and associated
OPTEMPO have offset some of these savings.
SAU Energy Talking Points
 Reference following 5 year history of energy usage and
cost charts:
 Factors Influencing Usage & Cost
• Square footage increased by 14%.
• Student population increased by 7.9%
• Student activity and OPTEMPO increased proportionally.
• Water unit price increased by 115%
• Wastewater unit price increased by 47%
• Experienced hottest summer months on record during
2009-2012 period.
SAU Energy Talking Points
 Performance Indicators (Based on 5 Year Average)
• Overall utility cost increased by only 6% ($1.20 per square foot).
• Electrical usage increased by 4.6%; cost increased by 0.4%.
(Electricity is 60% of overall cost).
• Gas usage increased by 15%; cost decreased by 14% due to
significant reduction in unit market cost. (Gas is 21% of overall cost.
• Water usage increased by 22%; cost increased by 102% due to
115% increase in unit price and increased usage (Water is 11% of
overall cost).
• Wastewater usage increased by 135%; cost increased by 96% due to
47% increase in unit price and increased usage. Wastewater is 8%
of overall cost.
$3.06/K gal.
Switched to City
Water Tower
May 2010.
$1.43/K gal.
$2.75/K gal.
$1.87/K gal.

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