Role of a nurse in the Dermatology OPD, Ward, PUVA Clinic, Laser

Role of a nurse in the Dermatology OPD,
Ward, PUVA Clinic, Laser Clinic, Minor
Dr Sherina Laskar, MD, DNB
Resident Physician,
Dept of Dermatology&STD
Gauhati Medical College&Hospital
Role in the Dermatology OPD
Help maintain patient records
Measure patients’ height, weight, pulse, blood
pressure, etc.
Fill out investigation and consent forms
Draw blood samples where necessary
Aid in performing dermatologic clinical diagnostic
tests for blistering disorders, psoriasis, etc.
Aid in performing examination of peripheral
nerves, sensory examination and slit skin smear in
patients with Hansen’s disease
Take samples from hair, skin and nails for
diagnosis of fungal infections, for pus culture,
smears from genital ulcers, etc.
Ensure segregation of waste in appropriately
colored waste bins
Maintain and indent OPD supplies, dressing
material and sterilisation of instruments used in
the OPD
Help maintain general discipline and order and
counsel patients and attendants
Role in the Dermatology Inpatient Department
Maintain inpatient register and folder
General inpatient nursing care
Perform Condy’s compresses for erosive and
oozing skin lesions; also teach attendants the
Ulcer care: dressing, removal of maggots from
neglected ulcers, plaster cast application
Collect samples for investigations
Learn about simple dermatological bedside tests:
Tzanck smear, slit skin smear, KOH mount
Learn about and dispense Pulse therapy, ensure
maintenance of updated records
Maintain input-output, temperature charts,
treatment records
Keep emergency equipment handy
Segregation and disposal of waste, fumigation of
Role in PUVA Clinic
Learn about basics of phototherapy
Parts of phototherapy equipment: handling and
taking care of
Counsel patients, take written consent
Ensure protection of eyes and male genitalia
Management of acute photo-toxic reactions
Role in Laser Clinic
Learn basics of laser therapy
Recognize parts of and correct handling of laser
equipment and accessories
Counsel patients, take written consent and
maintain records
Pre- and post-procedure care
Ensure laser equipment is covered and
accessories are kept back safely after procedure
Role in minor dermato-surgical
Learn about the types of procedures performed
and indications
Learn about minor surgical equpiment, electrocautery, radio-frequency machines, microdermabrader, skin-graft tools, etc
Maintain sterilisation of equipment, keep sterilized
dressing material and OT equipment ready
Keep TCA, phenol, formalin vials, chemical peels,
cryogens and other supplies ready and maintain
Take written consent and counsel patients
Assist surgeon during procedures
Follow post-operative directions and monitor
Maintain records
Prof Anil K Jha
Head of Department &
Dr Shrishti Shrestha
Astt. Prof. Professor
Department of Dermatology
Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital
Attarkhel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Prof Aparna Palit
Department of
Dermatology, Venereology
& Leprosy
Sri BM Patil MCH & RC
BLDE University
Bijapur, Karnataka
Dr Vineet Kaur
Consultant Dermatologist
The Skin Institute
Varanasi, U.P.
Prof Ranjan C Rawal
Head, Department of Dermatology
NHL Medical College
V S Hospital
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Dr Sherina N Laskar
Resident Physician
Department of Dermatology
Guwahati Medical College
Guwahati, Assam
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