DykSMART Dykeri, Statens MAritima Resurser i Samverkan

Dykeri, Statens MAritima Resurser i Samverkan
Dykeri (Diving), Statens (State) MAritima Resurser (MAritime
Resources) i Samverkan (Together in cooperation)
- Costa Concordia ”lessons learned”.
- Discussion initiated after lecture by Italian diver, between
the divers within the Swedish Coast Guard and the
Swedish Armed Forces. Similar conditions to Italy prior the
- Contact initiated with other national partners.
- Project application; focus – a national database of people
and equipment, joint exercises and operational
procedures, reporting and documentation routines.
The Vision
• Within three years we will have a broad national
knowledge of competence and routines for cooperation
within diving, in order to be prepared for disaster
• How is this to be realized? By well prepared and well
practiced routines for mobilization, competence and
• Readiness for all situations.
• Capacity to handle all situations .
• Cooperation by development, practice and cooperative
ownership of for example technical resources.
The four parts of
the project
• Development of a joint database, including competence,
technical resources and mobilization routines for both.
This database is to be made available for the emergency
• Common standard operational procedures for making
joint actions possible.
• Joint practical and theoretical exercises and operations.
• In the future; an extension of the project to an
international dimension around the Baltic states.
The Partnership
Räddningstjänsten SÖ Blekinge
Storstockholms Brandförsvar
Blekinge Tekniska Högskola
Räddningstjänsten Storgöteborg
Baltic Maritime Science Park
US Coast Guard
Jonas Westerberg (Project Coordinator)
Telefon; 073 654 63 07
Mail; [email protected]
Johan Genestig (Swedish Coast Guard)
Telefon; 073 448 34 33
Mail; [email protected]
Jerry Lindén (Swedish Armed Forces)
Telefon; 070 618 90 06
Mail; [email protected]

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