A Hero`s Journey

Ender’s Game
Ender is a third: A
frowned upon third
child that his parent's
weren’t supposed to
have. His brother,
Peter, is awful to him
and pesters him
constantly. His only
resort is his sister,
Valentine, who loves
him dearly.
The Red Pyramid
Carter is an AfricanAmerican kid who’s
mother has died,
and his twin sister
live across the world
in England, with his
grandparents. They
refuse to see
Carter’s father, who
he lives with, so
Carter can only see
Sadie once a year,
on their birthday.
Ender’s Game
After the monitoring
device was removed
from Ender’s neck, he
though his life would
go back to normal.
But when Colonel
Graff came to Ender’s
home and tried to
recruit him to battle
school, his problem’s
had only begun.
The Red Pyramid
When Carter, Sadie,
and their dad go to
an Egyptian museum,
their dad is
imprisoned in the
Rosetta Stone by
Egyptian God Osiris.
Then Carter and
Sadies’ uncle Amos
takes the kids to
Brooklynn , and
begins a long
Ender’s Game
Ender is troubled.
Should he leave
the family he
loves to go to
battle school?
Valentine wants
Ender to stay, as
do his parents.
However, there
could be
consequences to
The Red Pyramid
Carter and Sadie
won’t believe it, their
dad, trapped by
Osiris? Impossible.
But Amos tries to
convince them, and
he goes to find Set,
an evil sun god while
leaving Carter and
Sadie in his
mysterious house in
Brooklyn to ponder
of things.
Ender’s Game
Ender goes on a
ship to Battle
School, already
making enemies
with a peer,
Bernard because of
Graff pampering
Ender to rouse
The Red Pyramid
After fighting
some leopard
serpents, Carter
and Sadie head
for safety. They
arrive at the first
Nome: an
where people
train in the
Egyptian “arts.”
Ender’s Game
Ender becomes
pulled into a
virtual reality
game, one that
uses pictures of
his family to
scare him. He
learns from the
game, and
trains from both
that, and in the
battle rooms.
The Red Pyramid
At the first Nome,
Carter and Sadie
meet Zia, a scribe
for the house of life.
She comes off as
serious and orderly,
and is to be their
trainer. Zia was the
one who rescued
them from the
leopard serpents at
the Manhattan
Ender’s Game
When Ender is
transferred to
Salamander army,
he is hated by all in
the army for being
transferred at such
an early age. His
commander refuses
to let him
participate in any
battles as well.
The Red Pyramid
Carter and Sadie
meet Iskandar the
Chief of the House of
life, and the second-incommand, Desjardins.
They are wary of
immediately, mainly
because he wants to
kill them because they
are hosting Gods. They
like Iskandar, a
trustable old man who
seems to know a lot
about their situation.
Ender’s Game
After becoming a
leader of an army,
Ender learns that
he will be going to
School… right
after he makes a
visit back to Earth
to remember what
he’s fighting for.
The Red Pyramid
While Zia trains
Carter and Sadie,
interesting things
start happening.
They train with
mock-battles and
both siblings show
far greater power
than what is
expected of event
the greatest
magicians who
train at the First
Ender’s Game
Ender heads to
Command school
and has a
discussion with
Graff about the
importance of
defeating the
buggers, and
how life on Earth
depends on it.
The Red Pyramid
All heck breaks
loose when
Iskandar dies and
Desjardins is next in
line. A “set animal”
(giant lion creature)
attacks them. It isn’t
a coincidence that
Desjardins then
chased them, and
only surviving
because of Sadie’s
gift of summoning
Ender’s Game
Rest is Ender’s reward.
Ender trains constantly at
Command school,
leaving him little time to
rest, or think , or do
anything other then
what he is expected to
do. He wants to stop,
and just rest.
The Red Pyramid
After visiting with
Anubis, a God of
death and
funerals, he gives
them the feather
of truth. They
need the feather
of truth to help
them in their
quest to defeat
Set, the evil sun
Ender’s Game
In what Ender thinks is a
simulation game, he and
the other ship
commanders are put into
a seemingly hopeless
simulation battle.
Thousands of Bugger
ships stare them in the
face, and Ender has to
sacrifice the ship he
controls to kill all of the
Buggers. Later, he finds
out it was a real battle,
and that he killed off the
entire Bugger civilization.
The Red Pyramid
At the Red Pyramid,
a huge battle goes
down between
Carter, Sadie, the
Gods they are
hosting( Horus and
Isis)… and Set. They
end up defeating
Set, by banishing him
deep into the Duat,
like an Egyptian
afterlife. He won’t be
back for a long time.
Ender’s Game
Ender reunites
and they set
off in search
of other
The Red Pyramid
Carter and Sadie
release Horus and Isis
and go back to the
mansion and repair
it. They find Bast,
alive, and rejoice!
Ender’s Game
Ender finds a cocoon that the
Queen of the Buggers left in
their recreation of the
simulation game. He gets a
“message” from the Queen,
explaining that they didn’t
know they were killing
individual people on his
planet, and that they hoped
he forgave them. It
enlightened the situation a
lot, and Ender sets out with
the cocoon of a Bugger to
re-establish their Colony on
another planet far away from
The Red Pyramid
Instead of returning
with the real Zia, they
set out to find her.
They also get Bast
back, even after she

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