By Ayden The life of Wayne Gretzky

By Ayden
The Early life of Wayne Gretzky
1. Wayne was born in Brantford Ontario.
2. Wayne was born on January 26, 1961.
3. Wayne live near the playwright Theatre.
4. Wayne’s mom and dad are Walter and Phyllis Gretzky. They
raised Wayne.
5. Wayne has one sister and three brothers. His grandparents
are Tony and Mary Gretzky.
6. Wayne’s dad Walter was rich. He bought Wayne an ice rink in
the back yard.
Wayne’s Education
1. Wayne’s hobby is hockey.
2. He went to public schools up to 8 th grade.
3. Wayne went to the University of Alberta.
4. He went to school from Pre-K to College.
5. Wayne was an average student.
6. Wayne was strong in school.
Wayne’s Fame and Career
1. Wayne was famous because he was the great one in NHL
history. His teams won many Stanley Cups.
2. Wayne made his team better by passing a lot and by
encouraging his players and showing help full things.
3. Wayne needs to prepare by getting ready for a trade or by
getting ready for a game.
4.Wayne has the responsibilities by being Captain of a lot of teams
and telling them What they need to fix and what play they should
5. Wayne supports his teams a lot by encouraging them to work
hard on every play that they have.
6. Wayne won his first Stanley Cup with Edmonton in 1984.
Interesting Facts about Wayne Gretzky
1.They made a life size of Wayne Gretzky at the SKYREACH
stadium. I didn’t know that Wayne played for St. Louis blues.
2. Wayne made a world record by scoring the most goals and
having the most assist.
3. Wayne married Janet Jones in 1988, they had five kids.
4. Wayne made his waves across Canada with his play.
Wayne’s Legacy
1. Wayne’s is coaching the Phoenix Coyotes.
Why I chose Wayne Gretzky
I chose Wayne Gretzky because he is the living legend of
hockey. He scored more goals and assist than anyone. I
also chose him because I like hockey a lot. I chose Wayne
because I new a lot about him but I wanted to learn more
about him. Wayne Gretzky is my idol for hockey.

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