Welcome to 4th Grade Parent Night 2010

“ Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit
themselves to what they think they
can do. You can go as far as your mind
lets you. What you believe, you can
achieve.” Mary Kay Ash
Ways Parents Can Help:
“Life Text” - Read things together in
everyday life
directions for cooking
Happy Meal boxes
subscription to a child’s magazine such
as Sports Illustrated for Kids,
American Girl, etc.
Questions to Ask –
Read with your Child –
How does this relate
to you?
How would this
make you feel?
Does this remind
you of another
What “movie” do
you see playing in
your head?
Read together orally
Echo Read
Reread short sections
Kinds of Writing:
Journal / Daily Writing
Wakulla Writes
Narrative – telling a story
Expository – writing to explain
Writing papers are graded using a 6.0
rubric (6 being the highest)
Writing (continued)
State proficiency level – 4
FCAT Writes Test date:
Tuesday, March 6, 2012
How to help at home:
keep a journal
write letters, email
write about reading
AR Home connect:
Allows parents to monitor student progress
toward AR goal, see how their child on last AR
test, and see reader certification level.
Teachers will have sent or is sending home
letter with login information.
Activities for Social
Studies Book
Click student, then follow
Social Studies book online
sign in:
User name: fourthgradestudent
Password: cesfourth
Math and Reading Book online
Username: 10 digit ID number
Password: Learn
Successmaker Program
FCAT Explorer
Username and passwords to
Next Generation Standards
Fewer skills covered but more in depth
knowledge of skill required
Example Math Problems
Margot placed 5 cookies in each of 125
bags for a bake sale. What is the total
number of cookies in all of the bags?
Gridded Response
Math Problem
Shawn's dad was fixing the fence. He
dropped his bucket of nails and of them
spilled out onto the ground. Which
fraction is equivalent to 6/24 ?
Josie is planning a kickball tournament for
her school. So far 112 students have
signed up to play. Josie would like to have
at least 12 teams. If each team has 11
members, how many students will she
need to sign up?
• Useful Math Websites
• ixl.com
• Practice basic facts
• Go Math! textbook series
Walk to Win
What is Walk to Win?
Walk to Win is a new approach to
reaching the needs of all students. The
purpose of Walk to Win is to provide
extra support for each student in the
areas of reading in which he/she has
difficulty in.
Walk to Win…
How will Walk to Win be implemented?
Walk to Win will begin on Monday,
October 3.
Each teacher (5) will focus on a
specific reading skill. Students will go
to one teacher a day for approximately
30 minutes each morning.
Students will NOT receive a grade from
the Walk to Win teacher, only extra
support and/or enrichment.
Email …
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Thank you for your support! We look
forward to a great year of learning!
Mrs. Hames
Mrs. Harden
Mrs. Hatfield
Mrs. Harvey
Mrs. Parks

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