Science book

Pride Lands: The Ecosystem
By Taylor Harper ,
Nikki Dekker, and
Sabrina Thompson
Once upon a time in the pride lands…
“Simba, do you know what an ecosystem is?” says
Simba responds, “No dad what is that?”
“An ecosystem is all of the organisms living in a region
including all of the abiotic, which means nonliving, and
biotic, meaning living, factors that they interact with”
Mufasa explains.
“So what’s that all mean dad?” Simba replies confused.
“That means that life is like a big energy flow” says
“What’s an energy flow?” Simba says still puzzled by all
the big words.
“It means the grass, which is a producer, are eaten by the
antelope, which are primary consumers. Then we eat the
antelope which makes us secondary consumers” Mufasa
states wisely.
“Then when we die we decompose into the grass and
soil for the antelope to eat us, it’s the circle of life”
Mufasa explains.
“But I thought we were the kings of the jungle and no one can
eat us, right?” Simba asks.
“That is true son but in order for decomposers to live they need
to take in our energy in by an energy transfer” Mufasa says.
“So what are decomposers and energy transfers?” Simba asks.
“Decomposers are bacteria or fungi that consume dead organic
matter. By doing so they are able to take in the energy from our
bodies and use it to benefit them ” states Mufasa.
“Then how does everything else in the pride lands get
energy” asks Simba.
“That’s a good question son, the ultimate energy source
for the entire ecosystem is the sun” Mufasa goes on.
“ You see Simba, the sun makes the plants able to
undergo the process of photosynthesis and cellular
respiration which is how they make food to survive and
makes them breath” Mufasa says.
“Then the antelope eat the plants which in essence
transfers the energy from the plant to the antelope. See
son, the plants are helping the antelope to survive” says
“Then when we hunt the antelope and eat them, we
are receiving their energy which help us to survive. It
is like a giant food web” says Mufasa.
“Wow dad that does make sense how we are all
intertwined in a big stable community that is able to live
on because we are all connected somehow” says Simba.
Years later…
“Kiara, when I was your age my father taught me
about ecosystems, do you know what an ecosystem in
a population is?” Simba asks.
“Not at all but I have hear you and mom talking about
ecosystems and how they contain producers and
consumers that help a food web to live on” says Kiara.
“That is very true Kiara producers which are plants are organisms
that can transfer energy from the sun to chemical energy to make
their own food” states Timon
“And consumers are animals and organisms that get energy and
matter by eating living things” Pumba adds.
Timon and Pumba
“Which makes me and Timon secondary consumers
because we eat the bugs that eat the plants, I enjoy
the squishy bugs they are very juicy” says Pumba.
“And since we are able to function as a stable
ecosystem we should have no worries, Hakuna
Matata, what a wonderful phrase” exclaims Timon.
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