Post-Secondary Options

Post-Secondary Options
(what the heck am I going to do after high school?)
The Present
The Present
So, what are my options?
 Work
 Join the Military
 Community College
 Career College or Technical School
 Apprenticeship
 Military ROTC
 Traditional 4-Year College
 Live at home with Mom and Dad
Work – Pros and Cons
 One of the first slides showed how hard it
is to make a living with only a high school
 Career advancement?
 I’ll have money to spend the way I want
 I’ll feel more independent
 What else?
Military – Pros and Cons
 I could get hurt
 I might hate it
 I would miss my family
 Job training
 See the world
 Steady, reasonably secure income
 Other benefits (college tuition, insurance, etc.)
 Anything else to consider?
Community College – P’s and C’s
 I still might not make enough to live on
 Too small
 I might not like it
 Job market?
 Cost!
 There are some really great paying jobs
that use a 2-year degree
 I could always transfer to a 4-year college
 Flexibility
Career College/ Technical School
 Not as “prestigious”
 I might not like it!
 Cost (sometimes they cost more than
traditional college)
 Advancement opportunities
 I’ll get to take the classes I really enjoy
 I’ll be done more quickly than if I went to
a 4-year college
Apprenticeships – Pros and Cons
No college education (again, this
might limit my advancement
May not be easy to find one.
100% hands-on learning.
Often a paid position (so you’re
being paid while you are learning).
Military ROTC – Pros and Cons
 There is a service obligation.
 Similar “cons” to joining the military.
 Similar “pros” to joining the military!
 I’d get a college education and be
guaranteed a job at graduation.
 I’d get paid to go to school.
 There is a lot of structure and support.
 I’d enter the military as an officer (and
get more perks).
4-Year College – Pros and Cons
 Expense.
 What if I still can’t get a job?
 What if I hate it?
 Statistically, I should be able to get a job
that would support me.
 Controlled independence.
 A larger variety of classes to take, which
could help me decide what field I like
before “committing” to it.
Live with Mom and Dad Forever
 Do you really want to live with your
parents??? Really??
 (Trust me, your parents will kick you out
Okay, but how do I know what I
want to do?
 We can use the Michigan College Access
Network to identify interest areas and
research careers.
 Career Cruising is another tool to use.
 Once you’ve identified an area of interest
(and possibly the type of lifestyle you
hope to have), you can work backwards to
figure out what training you’d need.
 Knowing what training you need will help
you narrow down your options, but then
you still need to make some choices.
Off we go!
Now that we’ve talked about what
some of the options are, let’s get in
the computer lab, take some
interest inventories, and start some

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