2.17 And You Wonder Why

And You Wonder
We Get Called
the Weird Watsons
 Dad comes up with a solution
to the problem facing the
 Label the problem
 Describe the family car.
Underline all the car’s
 Identify the chore that Dad gives
to Byron and the narrator.
Make a prediction about how the
work will progress.
Underline any descriptions about
the characters.
 Describe how Byron
 What is Byron’s problem?
 The narrator’s name is finally
revealed. Circle the name.
 Create a picture of Byron’s
predicament in your mind’s
eye, as if it were in a movie.
Sketch or describe what you
 Underline what Kenny
compares Byron to. Does that
help you imagine the scene?
Underline any descriptions
about the characters.
Write whose reaction you agree with
and why.
Underline the solutions offered by
Dad, Kenny, and Momma.
What solutions can you think of?
Write how you think Byron feels right
now and what you think of the way
Dad is teasing him.
Kenny says, “It’s no wonder the
neighbors called us the Weird
Watsons behind our backs. There we
were, all five standing around a car
with the temperature about a million
degrees below zero and each and
every one of us crying!” Underline
why each one of the family members
is crying.
Underline any descriptions about the

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