– Functional English activities
Feb 2013. Kindly contributed by Nikki Gilbey, Highbury College.
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L1 Functional English – discussion, reading and writing.
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Level 1-2 Functional English
N Gilbey
To practice listening, reading and writing skills.
Objectives: SSBAT…
1. Identify information from a video source.
2. Identify information in text format.
3. Summarise text in own words.
4. Create a headline and newspaper article.
5. Use adjectives to describe appearance
Watch the following video:
Note – if unavailable use this shortened version
Use the video to answer some of the questions on the
Creating a newspaper article
See if you can reduce your summary down to 12
words. You can use this for your headline.
When you have a headline, write an article for a
newspaper describing what happened.
Newspapers inform the reader, but they can also
Now read the ‘What Happened?’ sheet.
If you can find more information to help you
answer your questions, highlight it and add it to
your answers.
You are now going to write a summary of what happened.
A summary is:
- A shortened version of the text.
- It contains the main points of the text.
- It is written in your own words.
- It reduces long text to short text by selecting relevant
A good summary shows that you have understood the text.
Extension: Descriptive writing.
Robert Taylor Barefoot
Nisar Dad
These men are currently wanted by the Police.
Write a description of each man, using adjectives.

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