Singlehood is desirable.

Singlehood is desirable. DYA?
State of being not
married (1.lawful
union – DC, Or
2.accepted by the
community as man
and wife – LDC)
Sought after/wished
for usually because
it has benefits.
1) Singlehood is desirable for WHO (Players- consider GIC)?
2) - Do governments of labour-scarce countries want citizens to be single ?
What benefits /disadvantages do single citizens bring to the country?
- Do uneducated or religious women in conservative societies want to be
single? Will they be considered spinsters and hence subject to ridicule? Will
they suffer financial hardship without a husband? Can they find a job to
support themselves?
- Do educated men and women in modern, liberal societies want to be
single? They are financially independent and don’t want commitments and
responsibilities. They belong to the Me Generation and prefer a lifestyle
that is free from social obligations beyond their careers.
Singlehood is desirable. DYA?
• (Individual level) TS1 (-)
• Educated men and women in modern, liberal
societies choose singlehood over marriage
because they value their independence and
freedom from life-long commitment to a spouse
and to raise a family.
• (National level) TS2 (+)
• Governments of labour-scarce and conservative
societies, however, consider singlehood to be a
threat to the moral fabric of society and even have
an impact on economic growth.
Various stands one can take:
Singlehood is desirable to a large extent.
Singlehood is not desirable to a large extent.
Singlehood is sometimes desirable.
Singlehood is a highly desirable lifestyle choice
for most people.
• Singlehood is a highly undesirable lifestyle
choice for most people.
Stand – singlehood is not desirable in
most societies (this is one way of
presenting it)
• Despite the changing social norms today
(context), embracing singlehood is not the
preferred lifestyle choice of many people. This
view is held not only by 1) individuals in
conservative societies, but 2) also those in liberal
societies, including even 3)governments who see
great value in upholding the institution of
marriage. (Your stand shows that different groups
hold different views)

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