continuing advocacy at home

continuing advocacy at home
Legislative Forum
March 27– 29, 2012
Presented by
Roslyn Johnson and Brian Knapp
continuing advocacy at home
• who are your elected officials
– what is their agenda?
– what is their political affiliation?
– what is the geographic
– where are they aligned?
– are there staffers with a
common interest?
• customize
find common ground
mini marketing campaigns
target officials in small groups
involve staffers at the local level
• committees, advisory boards,
– it helps to have other local
partners speak highly of you
– NRPA’s Advocacy Resource Center
continuing advocacy at home
• do the elected officials
know who you are
– establish value
– what have you accomplished
in their district?
– what are your goals?
– what are your messages?
– why does it matter
to them?
continuing advocacy at home
• relevancy
what is your ask?
what resonates?
can they be responsive?
what difference will it make
in their district?
– assistance with problem
– don’t accept NO for an answer
continuing advocacy at home
• know the bottom line:
– spending in Forest Park generates
$413.2 million in economic activity
and $136 million in earnings
– there are 1323 LWCF projects in
Missouri, $42 million in federal
dollars leveraged against $77
million state side
– in Missouri, forestry, fisheries and
wildlife represents an $11.5 billion
Information courtesy of Susan Troutman
continuing advocacy at home
• making (insert your city) a
better place to live
– promoting good health
– connecting communities and
– preserving and connecting
people to nature
– improving economic vitality
– providing transportation
continuing advocacy at home
• catchy phrases that resonate
– “We are in the business of saving lives.”
• “We promote health and wellness all day long.”
• “Parks and recreation provides activities for creative
people -lifeblood of thriving communities.”
• “We help shape and support military readiness”
– “We are the only agency that increases property
values and reduces juvenile crime.”
– “We take care of you from womb to tomb.”
– Phone message “Out of the office helping to build
continuing advocacy at home
• events and
– the more elected
officials you have at an
event the greater your
leverage to get them
– make sure they have
the opportunity to
speak and to be seen
continuing advocacy at home
To do list while on the plane
– Jot down notes detailing office visits
– Follow up with a separate thank you email to include commonalities, quick
summary and additional information. Offer to add them to your newsletter
mailing list.
– Send summary to your marketing team back home to be included in newsletter for
users and advisory groups. Be sure to include contact information of who you met
with, staffer’s/representatives interests to be taken into consideration for future
event invites. Be positive.
– Add legislative visit as an agenda item for supervisor and staff meetings.
– Create briefing for staff, include how they can involve the children and participants
in their programs.
– Make sure you are on the contact list for all legislative updates from your
– Set monthly reminders in outlook to follow up and keep lines of communication
continuing advocacy at home
Roslyn Johnson
Division Chief
Maryland - National Capital Park and Planning
[email protected]
Brian Knapp
Board of Directors, NRPA
Chairman of Northern Virginia Regional Park
[email protected]

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