Games at twilight

Presented by: Amanda, April, Hannah, Shannon
Written by: Anita Desai
Ravi is the protagonist
Dedicated –
Fearful –
“What might there not be to touch him and feel him as he
stood there, trying to see in the dark? Something cold or
slimy- like a snake. Snakes!” (pg 125)
Immature –
Stubborn -
“After standing in that position- his hand still on his
neck, feeling the wet splodge of the squashed
spider gradually dry- for minutes, hours, his legs
began to tremble with effort, the inaction.” (pg. 125)
“Stop it, stop it Ravi. Don’t be a baby. Did you
hurt yourself?” (pg. 127)
“I won, I won, I won,” he bawled, shaking
his head so that the big tears flew. “Raghu
didn’t find me. I won, I won -“(pg 127)
Narrative point of view/Significance of title
Third Person Limited
Inside one
“He felt himself too exposed, sitting on an
upturned flower pot behind the garage.”
(Games at Twilight, page 126)
Games At Twilight
“Could he hear the children’s voices? It seemed to
him that he could. It seemed to him that he could
hear them chanting, singing, laughing. But what
about the game? What had happened? Could it be
over? How could it when he was still not found?”
(Games at Twilight, page 126).
At Twilight, it seems that people forget about the
stress of the day’s events and go on to relax and
have fun.
Literary Devices
Hyperbole- “… stifled the children, making them feel as if their
lungs were stuffed with wool.” (pg. 122) makes reader feel how the
children feel
Personification- “The scent of earth receiving water, slaking its
thirst in great gulps …” (pg. 126) gives reader information on the scent
and also the heat and feeling of the air and atmosphere
Simile- “His paws and ears and tail all reaching out like dying
travellers in search of water.” (pg. 123) makes reader virtualize the
way the dog was laying
Imagery- “… the light at the door grew soft, fuzzier, turned to a kind
of crumbling yellow pollen that turned to yellow fur, blue fur, grey fur”
(pg. 126) gives setting information for visualizing.
Their mother
wouldn’t let them
play outside but they wailed enough that
she unlocked the door and they “-burst
out like seeds from a cracking overripe
pod...” (pg 122)
Person vs Self
He thought everyone cheated in
the game when they were to pick
who was it.
“Only in the veranda – the
porch – ma said – ma said to
stay in the porch!” (pg 123)
Although no one was close
enough to hear or had stopped
running to listen to what he was
Person vs Self/Society
Ravi was in the shed all alone, everything was quiet. When he came out of
hiding he found all the other kids playing another game and this made him
“He lay down full length on the damp grass, crushing his face
into it, no longer crying, silenced by a terrible sense of
insignificance.” (pg 128)
“He had forgotten. He had only
remembered the part of hiding and trying to
elude the seeker.” (pg 127)
“But he had been forgotten, left out
and he would not join now.” (pg 128)
“ ‘Don’t be a fool’ Raghu said
roughly, pushing him aside.”
“Stop howling Ravi. If you want to
play, you can stand at the end of the
line.” (pg 128)
“He lay down full length on the damp
grass, crushing his face into it, no longer
crying, silenced by a terrible sense of
insignificance.” (pg 128)
Mudvayne - Scream With Me
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