ILL and Collection Development - VIVA, The Virtual Library of Virginia

Elizabeth A Teaff & Wanda K Swartz
Washington & Lee University
Washington & Lee University Library
• since 2007, ILL & Circulation have been part of Access Services/ ILL may purchase
through ALBRS if price is equal or less than max IFM cost. We donate or add to
collection when ILL is returned.
• since fall of 2012, monograph/firm ordering & POD have been part of Access Services
• POD: reaction to shrinking budgets & reduction of physical shelf space/collect what
you know will get used
• since 2006, we have purchased over 300 monographs & around 100 DVD titles as part
of our POD program
• ILL stats are consulted to determine if the title has been heavily requested when
faculty request the purchase of serial titles/this info may then be used by selector to
justify or deny a purchase
• Head of Collection development occasionally reviews requests in WRS & will build our
collection around trends he sees in ILL requests
from our 2010 Collection Development Policy
• VI. Relationship with Interlibrary Loan department of Access Services
• The University Library's Interlibrary Loan (ILL) department of Access
Services supports the instructional, research, and scholarly activities of
the Washington & Lee community by borrowing library materials from
other institutions in Virginia, the United States, and throughout the world.
In turn, this service lends our library materials to other institutions
• Interlibrary Loan periodically receives book and audiovisual requests from
students and faculty for material published/released in the current year.
Following recommended best practices from other Oberlin Libraries, the
University Library will purchase-on-demand (POD) current imprints when
requested through Interlibrary Loan. The goal of the University Library’s
POD program is to meet the immediate needs of our users while adding
potential high-use titles to our collection. The POD program criteria
includes: current year imprint, price of item less than $100 (prior to
shipping), and not already expected through the Approval Plan.
automatic POD program criteria
• requested through ILL
• current year imprint
• price less than $100 (prior to
• not expected through Approval
Plan (discontinued approval plan in
ILL requests that turn into POD
• most DVD requests
• items requested more than once (by same or different
• items where patron wishes to use for long period of
time (e.g. whole semester)
• items that cannot be obtained through ILL
• rush requests
• dissertations not available in full-text through Proquest
full circle ---- if an item is requested for purchase, but
cannot be obtained/ acquisitions notifies ILL & ILL will
generate loan request
how it works in ILLiad
utilizes ILLiad email routing
how it works in ILLiad
acquisitions staff member
head of collection development
body of email contains citation & patron contact info
Washington & Lee University Library
workflow rush ordered by acquisitions & rush
cataloged & put on hold for patron
workflow  patrons notified via ILS not ILL software
whole process is seamless to patron (we hope)/ adding
acquisitions to Access Services has streamlined
workflow/ more direct communication
in cases of rush requests, patron can have item in hand
(print) in less than 24 hours after requested through ILL/
If e-book turn-around time could be within minutes of
ILL request
New Directions:
ILLiad & GIST (
Acquisitions Manager
• perform acquisitions workflow without ILS
• purchase, encumber, & record order
information using addons
• attach OCLC symbol & download MARC
records with Connexion addon
ILLiad request form
New Directions
WorldCat Resource Sharing  WorldShare
New Feature Unique to WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Feature
• Buy It Options (introduced in WorldCat, but not fully implemented)
info from
screenshot from
Nixon, Judith et al. Patron-Driven Acquisitions: current Successes and
Future Directions. New York: Routledge, 2011
contact info
Elizabeth Anne Teaff, Assistant Professor & Head of Access Services
Washington & Lee University Library / 204 West Washington Street
Lexington, VA 24450
Phone 540.458.8645 / Fax 540.458.8964 / OCLC Symbol VLW
Skype elizabeth.anne.teaff

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