Flag Football Cheerleading Coach Training

Upward Cheerleading
Coach Training Conference
What we will cover at this training
• Primary responsibilities of an Upward Cheerleading Coach
• The basics of cheerleading practices
 Coach resources to assist you in conducting practices
 How to conduct mid-practice devotions
• The basics of cheerleading on game days
 Format to Upward Cheerleading
 Cheerleader recognition through game day stars
The Upward Cheerleading Coach
Responsibilities at Practices:
• Prepare for practices by having a plan in place for skill development
• Teach the fundamentals of cheerleading to enhance skills of your squad
• Share a five to eight minute devotion with your team during each midpractice huddle time
• Distribute green practice stars at the end of each practice and practice cards
at practices 1, 2, 5, 8 and the last practice
The Upward Cheerleading Coach
Responsibilities at Games:
• Participate in player and cheerleader introductions and pre-game prayer led
by the referees
• Support the players, coaches and referees with positive cheers throughout
each game
• Know what your squad will be performing during each timeout and halftime
of every game
• At the end of each game, conduct a game day star presentation with all
cheerleaders and parents
Practice Breakdown
1. Welcome and Games (3-5 minutes) – Start your practice with a fun
game to welcome all cheerleaders and get them excited.
2. Warm-up and stretch (10 minutes) – Warm up and stretch muscles
by using the warm-ups found in the coach cheerbook.
3. Fundamentals (10 minutes) – Review learned skills and teach new
ones each week.
Practice Breakdown
4. Mid-Practice Huddle (8 minutes) – Share the practice-specific
devotion for each week.
5. New Material (20 minutes) – Introduce new cheers, chants, pom
routines or halftime routines.
6. Post-practice Huddle (5 minutes) – Distribute green practice stars
and practice cards. Remind cheerleaders about the
TeamUpward.com unlock code on the practice card and make any
necessary announcements.
Coach Cheerbook (with DVD, CD and Sticker Stars)
The coach cheerbook will be provided in your coach
box and includes:
• An outline of cheerleading skills and practice
• A complete set of practice devotions
• Sticker stars to be distributed to
cheerleaders at practices and games.
• An instructional DVD that demonstrates all
cheers, chants and pom routines
• A music CD to be used when performing
pom routines
Online Coach Resource
The coach resources of MyUpward.org contain everything you need to be a
successful Upward Cheerleading Coach, including:
• Cheers, chants and pom routines
• Halftime routines
• Weekly practice devotions
• Formations and motions pages
• “60-Second Spirit” video blogs for coaches
The Coach’s Sideline
The Coach’s Sideline is a complete
practice guide that is customized to the
age division that you coach. In it you will
find team meeting topics, warm-up
activities, skills focus, skills/drills as well
as the specific practice devotion. These
practice plans are available at:
Mid-Practice Huddle
At the midpoint of every practice, you will lead a five- to
eight-minute devotion during the mid-practice huddle time.
The devotions teach on the character of Christ through the
virtues he modeled.
This season will focus on three virtues. Each virtue will be the
focus of three practices and are highlighted by one verse.
Let’s take a look at the virtues and verses:
Practice Number
Practice 1
None (“Get to
Know You” time)
None (practice card features TeamUpward.com
launch information)
Practices 2-4
There are different kinds of gifts. But they are all
given by the same Spirit. 1 Corinthians 12:4 (NIrV)
Practices 5-7
Always be joyful because you belong to the Lord. I
will say it again. Be joyful. Philippians 4:4 (NIrV)
Practices 8-10
Forgive the things you are holding against one
another. Forgive, just as the Lord forgave you.
Colossians 3:13 (NIrV)
Last Practice of
the Season
For God so loved the world that he sent his one and
only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not
perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 (NIV)
Mid-Practice Huddle
All Scripture verses for the season will be made available to
cheerleaders through practice cards.
Devotion guides are found in your coach cheerbook as well
as on MyUpward.org. It is important to prepare for each
week’s devotion prior to practice.
On page 22 of your coach training guide is the first practice
devotion. If you do not receive your coach cheerbook by
your first practice, follow this guide during your first midpractice huddle.
Last Practice Devotion
During the last practice of the season, you will share
a special devotion with your cheerleaders that
reviews the season’s virtues while sharing more
about Christ in preparation for the awards
celebration. No matter when your last practice
occurs, make sure to skip to this last devotion in your
coach cheerbook.
Practice Cards
Each cheerleader will receive a practice card
at the end of Practices 1, 2, 5, 8 and the last
With the exception of the first practice card, each
one will contain the Scripture verse being
learned for the next two practices as well as an
unlock code for TeamUpward.com.
The first practice card details does not include a
verse, but gives information on how to get
registered on TeamUpward.com by including a
sport-specific launch code.
Green Practice Stars
Green sticker stars known as practice stars are found in the
back portion of your coach cheerbook.
These stars are distributed to each cheerleader at practice for
participating in learning the Scripture verse. Cheerleaders
are not required to memorize the verse individually to
receive a star.
Cheerleaders will display these stars on their megaphones
along with the game day stars they receive.
Post Season
Awards Celebration
The awards celebration is the highlight of the entire season. This is a
tremendous opportunity for you to communicate your love and support
to the most important people in the league - the children.
At the celebration each child will receive an end-of-season award. This
award will serve as a reminder of the Christlike attitudes and
characteristics each child has learned and experienced throughout the
Cheerleaders should be used to generate excitement during the awards
celebration. Details on the cheerleaders’ involvement during this
celebration will come.
Game Day for Upward Cheerleaders
Here are a few key points to remember on game day:
• Cheerleaders should be instructed to arrive at the field prior to the
scheduled game time to warm up and stretch and practice before
• Include your cheerleading squad in the pre-game prayer huddle with
players, coaches, and referees.
• Incorporate your cheerleaders into halftimes. Games consist of four nineminute quarters with an eight-minute halftime period.
• The clock stops briefly at the end of each quarter. This can be a great time
for cheerleaders to do a quick chant, cheer or jump.
Game Day for Upward Cheerleaders
Key points to remember for game days, continued:
• Encourage cheerleaders to watch the game, so they can cheer for each
team when touchdowns are scored.
• Cheerleaders need to be alert to the action on the field to protect
themselves from an out-of-bounds ball or player.
• If cheerleaders will be standing during games, have them place their poms
on the ground as a marker for their position in the lineup. It’s also
important for cheerleaders to stay in their lines throughout the game.
• Come to each game prepared with a list of all known cheers and chants.
You can also make a poster with all the cheers, chants, timeout routines
and your halftime routine as a visual reminder to all cheerleaders.
Upward Cheerleading Format
• All cheers learned will be used to encourage both teams that are
playing. No negative cheers are permitted. Refrain from using such
terms such as beat, kill, fight, defeat, etc.
• No squad will have a specific team it cheers for each week.
• All cheerleading squads will wear identical uniforms.
• Upward Sports recommends you avoid tumbling and stunting as a
part of your cheerleading program.
• Squad divisions are determined by age. In most cases, like age
groups will be cheering together.
Game-Day Recognition
In order to build self-esteem and team spirit, each cheerleader will receive
one of five different sticker stars after every game. These stars are to be
displayed on the cheerleaders’ megaphones. The five colors represent the
Use the star distribution form found in the back portion of the coach
cheerbook to track which stars each cheerleader has received. Make an
attempt to award each cheerleader all five star colors throughout the season.
These sticker stars are located in the back of the coach cheerbook.
Distributing Game Day Stars
Star presentation is a special time for every cheerleader. When
distributing these stars, make it fun by:
 Inviting parents and spectators to meet at a specific area off the
field after the game.
 Giving specific reasons why each cheerleader received their star.
 Applauding each child as they receive their star.
 Reminding cheerleaders to have their megaphones available so they
can display their stars.
Upward Cheerleading
Coach Training Conference

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