Upcycling - Abbey Park Middle School

You have all heard of
recycling. But have
you ever heard of
downcycling or
waste products into reuseable materials.
Precycling is the practice of
reducing waste by attempting to
avoid bringing items which will
generate waste into home or
business. For example, you could
re-use a water bottle, or avoid using
products that are heavy in
Downcycling is the process of
converting waste materials or useless
products into new materials or
products of lesser quality and reduced
functionality. A clear of example of
downcycling is plastic recycling, which
turns the material into lower grade
plastics. In effect, you are reducing the
value of the materials.
Upcycling is the
process of converting
waste materials or
useless products into
new materials or
products of better
quality or for better
environmental value.
Upcycling takes an item
and changes its use.
On the next set of slides are
examples of upcycling, can you
explain what they are and how
their use has changed?
This necklace
is made out of
a fork. The
forks use has
changed from
an eating
utensil to a
piece of
These bowls are
made out of old
magazines. The
magazines use
has changed
from a piece of
to a piece of
This chair is
made out of
ring pulls.
The ring pulls
use has
changed from
opening a
fizzy drink to
a piece of
This pencil
holder is made
out of an old
cheese grater.
The graters use
has changed
from a kitchen
utensil to a
This is life size sculpture of a man and it
was made with chewing gum. The
chewing gum has gone from being
something that is just a mess into an
amazing piece of artwork!
You will have a
sheet like this one
to take home which
explains exactly
what your
homework project
is, as well as when
each piece of
homework is due
Your project homework this term will be
focused around the idea of Upcycling. You all
be given a DVD case. Your homework this
week is to upcycle it, making it something of
more value, as well as changing its use. You will
also need to write an explanation about what
you have upcycled the case into .
The homework is due next Monday 16th June.
Good luck!

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