Understanding the ARCGIS product line

Prepared by:
George McLeod
With support from:
NSF DUE-0903270
in partnership with:
Geospatial Technician Education Through Virginia’s Community Colleges (GTEVCC)
ESRI Product Names
The ArcGIS Desktop is a
family of three products
ArcInfo, ArcEditor, and
ArcView that share the
same core applications,
user interface, and
development environment.
GIS functionality increases
as you move from ArcView
to ArcEditor to ArcInfo.
It can be helpful to think of these as Product Levels
rather than different products.
This link provides an explanation of the differences in
functionality between the levels:
Each of these product levels has the same set of core features:
ArcMap: The primary GIS interface for analysis and mapping
ArcCatalog: Allows you to organize and access all GIS information
ArcToolbox: Includes analysis and geoprocessing tools
ArcScene: Allows you to represent terrain in 3-dimensions (psuedo)
ArcGlobe: ESRI’s answer to Google Earth, 3D world view
Optional Extensions: Enhance the functionality of the ArcGIS Desktop
Many different Extensions may be added to the
ArcGIS Desktop.
The following may be to most useful to you:
ArcGIS 3D Analyst Analyze your data in a realistic perspective.
ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst Use advanced statistical tools to
investigate your data.
ArcGIS Network Analyst Perform sophisticated routing, closest
facility, and service area analysis.
ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Derive answers from your data using
advanced spatial analysis.
ArcGIS Survey Analyst Centrally locate, process, and manage
your survey and cadastral data.
ArcGIS Tracking Analyst Reveal and analyze time-based
patterns and trends in your data.
There are two primary methods for licensing the ArcGIS Desktop:
• Single Use: This option is only available for the ArcView and ArcEditor
product levels. After installation, registration keycodes are used to activate
the software. The license is perpetual and will run forever (or at least until
your next hard drive failure)
•Concurrent Use: This option applies primarily to those intending to use
ArcInfo or those institutions running a large number of ArcGIS Desktop
installations. This product works well in GIS labs or classrooms. This
product is installed in similar fashion, but is licensed through a license
server. Product licenses typically will time-out on a yearly basis. Those
intending to install this version will want to consult with their IT support
team regarding the installation of a license server.
The following steps will guide you through
installation of the Single Use ArcEditor product.
Insert the ArcGIS Installation DVD
If it the installation application does not
automatically launch, browse the contents of
the DVD and click on the below Icon
The application launcher will open
The Installation GUI will appear
Click on Install
ArcGIS Desktop
Click Next
Select I accept… and Click Next
IMPORTANT: Always select Complete
Accept the defaults and click Next each time
ArcEditor will now install
Finish the installation and Register the software
Register Now
Select the first option in the Registration Wizard
Then Register now using the Internet
Complete the Registration Information (Two
screens) using your Institutional Information
Enter your ArcEditor Registration Number
supplied to you by
Select I have a registration number…
Enter registration numbers for extensions (also
supplied by your VCCS ESRI Administrator)
Select I do not want to evaluate…
The software will now automatically register via the
Four Checks means that the software is ready to use!

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