eFolio Connector Update
Christa Chaffinch
National Board of Medical Examiners
May 4, 2012
Today’s presentation topics
Concept for the eFolio
Work done to date
Report on focus groups
Features for Version 1
What’s next
Career-long Seamless Transfer of Data
• Compile data sets on individual learners (students,
residents, practicing MDs) across the learningpractice continuum for a variety of functions
▫ Up-to-date CV / transcript
▫ Enabling important transactions
 ERAS, licensure, credentialing, etc.
▫ Aggregate learning experiences, milestones,
assessments, etc.
▫ Applications for grants, scholarships, etc.
• Enable movement of data to create a continuum of
reusable information
Key Underlying Principles
• Easy, Efficient Education Management
• Learner-driven: No data access, movement,
compilation, analysis or report without explicit
authorization of the individual identified by the
• State of the art security: Data compilations are
expunged after they have been sent to authorized
viewers, but can be recompiled as needed
• Data sources identified: as primary source
verified vs. self-reported for credibility in
Data Commons & eFolio
An app that compiles
data reports for the
learner and/or other
authorized viewers
A collection of data
repositories that can
provide information for
the eFolio
Data Commons Repositories
• Primary Source-Verified Information:
• And eventually, other data repositories:
Specialty Boards
Med schools & residency programs
Clinical and EHR databases
And more…
Activity to Date
• 2004-2007: conceptual development
• 2007: Colloquium (sponsored by AAMC/ NBME)
• 2007: invitational conference (sponsored by AAMC,
• 2008: pilot organizational meeting; advisory group of
medical educators established
• 2009-2010: feasibility pilot - Use cases generated,
international technical specification built in
collaboration with MedBiquitous for “Educational
Trajectory” data set
Activity to Date
• 2010: focus groups (UME, GME, CME)
• 2011: eFolio Advisory Group (EAG) Formalized
• 2011: “Educational Achievement” technical specifications
(still in progress)
• 2011: Focus Groups in conjunction with AAMC meeting
• 2012:
Features identified for initial version
Business Analysis began
Name selection
Base platform selection and customization
• 2013: Version 1 released – target audience is students &
eFolio Groups
• Advisory: Provide advice on the development of the
eFolio to serve the needs of individual students and
physicians, for the continued documentation of
competency across the continuum of medical
education, training and practice
• User: Users who help review prototypes and provide
feedback on the development of specific features
Demo & Focus Groups
• 3 focus groups, led by a professional facilitator at the
AAMC Annual Meeting:
▫ Curriculum Deans & Institution Officials
▫ Medical students
▫ Medical residents
• We asked about:
Social interaction
Feedback from Focus Groups
• Want transaction capabilities most of all
• Also interested in case log and “enhanced
transcript” management
• Not as interested in:
▫ Reflections
▫ Social Networking
Planned Features for Version 1
• Biographical, education, research and work history, and immunization
• Test Scores such as USMLE, MCAT and others
• Earned Certifications such as specialty board, advanced life support,
• License History information
• Procedures or related info about achievement in medical school
• Export Data in a variety of formats, including:
▫ Resumes
▫ Information necessary for certification and credentialing
▫ Applications for ERAS and USMLE
▫ Custom exports for grants, scholarships, mentoring, etc.
• Manage debt information with a link to AAMC’s debt services
• Enable display of Med Ed Portal & Academic Medicine resources and
articles with a link to authored materials
Standards Support
• We are working with MedBiquitous to assess the
ability to include the Educational Trajectory,
Professional Profile, and other standards
• We are working with PESC to create a more widelyused electronic portfolio standard and include
support for this standard in future versions of the
Next Steps
• Official name & website selected
• Pricing structure determined
• Business Analysis continues
• Version 1 design this fall/winter
• In parallel, planning for new, more “learningfocused” features will begin this fall
• Version 1 pilot release currently scheduled for
March 2013
• Additional features scheduled for 2014
For Further Information
• Contact project director Dana Bostrom @ AAMC
▫ [email protected]
▫ 202-741-6450
• Or Christa Chaffinch @ NBME
▫ [email protected]
▫ 215-590-9244
• Or talk with Bob Galbraith, Christa Chaffinch,
Kirke Lawton or Gabrielle Campbell at this

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