Transformational Leadership

Our Time
Transformational Leadership:
Changing culture and getting results
while having fun
Michelle Rozen-HR Director Methodist & Methodist Children’s Hospital
Stephanie Fritz-HR Director Methodist Texsan Hospital
HR Summit October 2014
Our Time is NOW
Methodist Healthcare System
Who are we?
Methodist Hospital and
Methodist Children’s Hospital
• Opened in 2004 as Texsan
Heart Hospital
• Purchased by Methodist
Healthcare 2011 and renamed
Methodist Texsan Hospital
• 30% of current staff were
employed during acquisition
Our Time is NOW
• San Antonio, Texas
• Methodist Ministries & HCA
• Methodist Campus is one of
HCA’s largest Hospitals with
3,800 employees, 882 beds, and
currently undergoing one of the
largest expansions in HCA.
• New Administration team < 3
Methodist Texsan Hospital
Changing Culture to Get Results
Better and more effective
Our Time is NOW
• Senior leader rounding
• HR rounding - Getting to the
departments so they do not
have to come to us.
• Giving the employee an active
voice and ensuring they know
they have avenues to voice
their concerns
• Continue actions taken over last
year and ensure they are
engrained in the culture of the
• Voice will be agenda item for
EAG in 2014
• O’s attending EAG meetings.
• Icon VOICE on computers
instead of suggestion boxes to
ensure we are reaching
• Have fun and ALWAYS
celebrate the WINS!
New Sr. leadership challenged to
build trust and credibility
• Sr. leader rounding and visibility
• Minimize uncertainty surrounding
what is happening here
• Transparent and consistent
– “Big Board” Stoplight report of
actions taken on survey
– “Hump Day” email every week
from CEO
– CEO member of the EAG
– Mandatory daily huddle
• Create pride in working here
Interaction Activity
• Low score throughout HCA Senior
Leadership visibility.
– Break out groups to share best practice on
how we can increase this perception and
make senior leaders more visible to the staff.
Our Time is NOW
– Sharing best practices and creative ideas on
how we have created a culture of fun and
pride for our organization.

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