EAG/Woodside Trainee and Apprenticeship

EAG/Woodside Trainee and Apprenticeship Program
2015 Recruitment
Who Are We?
One of the largest employer of
apprentices and trainees in Western
An part of Apprenticeships Australia
and was formed to specialise in the
Oil and Gas Industry.
A joint venture between the
Chamber of Commerce and
Industry of Western Australia
(CCIWA) and the Australian Centre
for Energy & Process Training
(ACEPT) and is fully endorsed by
APPEA, the peak oil and gas
industry association.
A Group Training Organisation
(GTO) that provides professional
apprentice and trainee
management services.
• EAG currently has over 160
apprentices and trainees hosted
at many major oil & gas
organisations including
Woodside, Chevron, Vermilion
Energy and Conoco Phillips.
What do we do?
Provide a professional apprentice and trainee recruitment, selection and
employment service to companies throughout Australia.
Employ apprentices and trainees direct and places them with host companies to
gain on-the-job and off-the-job experience and training in order to ultimately gain
the qualification in their chosen field.
2015 Recruitment Opportunities
Mechanical Fitters
Electrical Instrumentation
Radio Communications
Recruitment commences July and consists
of the following:
Aptitude testing
EAG Interview
Woodside Interview
Assessment centre
Preparation Tips
Current CV
Practice online aptitude testing
Research EAG/Apprenticeships Australia
Research your Chosen Trade
Research Woodside
Research the Oil and Gas industry
Do some mock interviews

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