Cahuilla Tribe

Cahuilla Tribe
By Bella, Emily, Hana, Russell, Nick
How did the Cahuilla tribe live?
Landforms & Water
. Lived in foothills of San Bernardino mountains and
valleys of San Jacinto mountains
. Lived nearest where water came through springs
High canyon walls shade and protection from winds.
.surrounding mountains block good air from reaching the
.less than 5 inches of rain per year
.high is 120 degrees
Plants as natural resources
.leave village to gather acorns, pine nuts, grass seeds,
berries, roots, and cactus fruits,
.mesquite bushes gave wood for houses, fences, arrow
shafts, digging sticks, baskets
.sap used for dye
.acorns used to make bread and plants used as soup
Animals as Natural Resources
.food harder to find in desert
.trying to hunt
.used bows and arrows to kill food
.birds, lizards, rabbits
.would eat desert tortises
Tribal beliefs and activities
.told stories about how the world began
.boys were taught how to hunt
.girls were taught how to grind acorns and make baskets
.made dome shaped homes
.held parties to celebrate events
.wore headdresses, shook rattles, and danced
Interesting facts
.traded goods with other people
.goods were shell beads, furs, baskets, and clay pots
.not many tribes made clay pots
.used pots to store water and food
The End
Bella, Emily, Hana, Russell, and Nick thank you for
watching our slide!

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