DSSC lab day 2

• Do Now
• Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Extension
• DSSC dye discussion
Lesson Objectives
• SWBAT compare the effectiveness of different fruit
juices as dyes for DSSCs.
Do Now
• What do you think you will observe if the dye from
a different fruit does not work as well as the
blackberry juice?
• What is an advantage of dye-sensitized solar cells
over standard solar cells?
Pick either blueberries and
strawberries and remake the DSSC
Anthocyanin structure
double bond
Anthocyanins are pigments that
produce many of the colors we see
• Cherries
• Eggplants
• Red cabbage (has over
30 types of
Pigments in blackberries
What if you just used one of the
pigments in blackberries as the dye
for a DSSC?
• Contains anthocyanins
• Color dependent on the
soil pH
• Acidic soil – blue flowers
• Basic soil – pink/red
• Slightly acidic/neutral –
purple or a mix of blue
and pink
• Depends on species of
Post Lab Questions
• 1. What differences did you observe between the
blackberry cell you made yesterday and today's cell?
• 2. Why are blackberries an effective source of
dye? What are the essential chemical features of an
effective dye?
• 3. Do you think apples or raspberries would be more
likely to work as a source of dye for solar cells?

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