Edge Hill University Pilot 2012-13
Collaborative Partnerships Event
Edge Hill University
20th June 2013
Patron Driven Acquisition
"a model of purchasing in which the
librarians set the parameters of purchase
and the patron pulls the trigger."
(Ken Chad, 2011)
PDA trends in the UK
All major suppliers in the UK market now offering
PDA – Dawson, Ingram, EBL, ebrary, Ebsco
Suppliers offering increasingly flexible models –
loan, purchase or combination models in response
to the high demands PDA can place on budgets
Contrast with some publishers becoming
increasingly protective of e-book licenses with
higher prices & more restrictive licenses
Majority of UK universities have now tried PDA in
one form or another
Some universities now reporting PDA as an every
day part of the acquisitions landscape
Why did we want to pilot
 To
promote ebooks.
 To increase availability and range.
 To improve the student experience and
increase satisfaction.
PDA at Edge Hill
 Pilot
 Strict limit on budget, split into two phases
of £6600 and £12,000
 Targeted the PDA spend on areas with
low NSS scores or priority areas
 Purchase model
 Soft launch
How it worked
 12,000
e-book titles added to catalogue
in September 2012 & January 2013
 Tried & tested supplier platform DawsonEra
 Funds paid into supplier account
 PDA purchases offset against the account
until the money ran out!
 Non-purchased titles suppressed on
catalogue between pilot phases
The student experience
 12,000
PDA titles discoverable through our
OPAC & discovery tool
 Users initially offered 5 minute preview of
 Purchase triggered if user opted to
continue reading beyond the 5 minute
preview OR if a 2nd preview took place
(amended to 3rd preview in Jan 2013)
 Seamless for the user
What happened!
 226
PDA titles purchased
 Sept funds spent in 19 days / Jan funds
spent in 14 days!
 60 of the titles were already stocked in
 38 of these were on reading lists and the
print copies show heavy usage – PDA
helped to satisfy high demand
Purchase Triggers
Continue Reading
(on 2nd Preview)
3rd preview trigger
Continue Reading (on 1st Preview)
Continue Reading
(on 1st Preview)
Continue Reading (on 2nd Preview)
3rd preview trigger
Usage – Key statistics*
titles have been used 5303 times
 Most popular title is Research Methods in
Physical Education & Sport (366
 53% of PDA titles have been used more
than 10 times in the first year
 Only 9 titles were purchased and only
used once
* to 31st May 2013
What next?
Continue to monitor usage – are PDA titles
better used than ebooks selected by
Planning for 2013/14 PDA with increased
Modify parameters & purchase triggers for
Rental models?
Continue to monitor the PDA experiences of
other universities
Any Questions?
Kath Halfpenny
Acquisitions Manager
[email protected]

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