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Eastbourne Bonfire Parade 2014
Saturday 4th October
Briefing for
Eastbourne Bonfire Society was re-formed in 2001 with the intention of holding a Safe ‘family friendly’
bonfire event in Eastbourne. We hope to follow the pattern established by many of the other Sussex
Bonfire Societies.
The event will be centred around the Bandstand, with most of the spectators expected to congregate on
the ‘Middle Promenade’ between the Pier and the Bathing Station and the Wish Tower slopes.
Spectator numbers are projected to be between 8,000 and 10,000 with all of these finally arriving in the
area mentioned above.
The event will be a non-ticketed event, although a collection will be made from the crowd for the
registered charities and our own funds.
All members of Eastbourne Bonfire Society and the stewards and most of the marshals for the event are
unpaid volunteers, many of whom have experience of other Bonfire Events in Towns and Villages
throughout Sussex. Seal Security will provide two SIA qualified stewards who will be employed to help
control unauthorised alcohol consumption on the Seafront. The society will also employ 10 paid
stewards, who will lead teams of 10 volunteer stewards. The 10 paid stewards will report to the Senior
Marshal, Andy Holter.
It is the Society’s intention to apply for a licence for a bar (Beer Tent) on beach 28 to provide
refreshments at various times during the evening for participants and visiting societies..
This Event Safety Management Plan sets out the structure and responsibilities of the Society Members
and its Officers and summarises how Health and Safety procedures and systems will be delivered and
The intention is to develop the Bonfire Parade to be a family friendly
event whilst growing to the same levels as other Bonfire Societies in
the East Sussex Area.
The Parade will start from the Crown & Anchor Public House heading
‘East’ down Royal Parade down to the Treasure Island Car Park where
the parade will turn round 180 degrees to head back along Royal
Parade to then stop again at the Crown & Anchor PH, Then the
procession will continue along Marine Parade &King Edward Parade to
finish at the wish tower slopes where stewards will direct crowds to
the beach adjacent to the Lifeboat Museum where a grand firework
display will complete the event.
Event Structure
Job Role
Tom Carter
Event Manager
Crown and Anchor
Nick Morris
Head of Procession
Event Safety Officer
Steve Cox
Rear of Procession Officer
Pamela Stenton
Andy Holter
Traffic & Steward
Crown and Anchor
Mike Marchant
EBC Advisor
Rupert Ashford
Logistics Team Leader
Mobile with Team
Seal Security
Pier to RNLI
Event Plan
• Signs & Barriers collected Saturday by Vehicle and put out at 06:00
• Signs & Barriers put into location and check done at 10:00 (as per Traffic
Management Plan)
• Stewards arrive at 17:00 for Final Briefing at Crown & Anchor (for update
& Equipment)
• Bonfire Societies arrive to form up outside Crown & Anchor
• Stewards for Road Closures Deploy 17:30-45
• Stewards in place 18:00
• Sweep of Route at 18:10
• Phase One Road Closure implemented at 18:30.
• Final Sweep of closure area 19:15 to ensure sterile
• Parade starts once confirmed sterile at 19:30
• Phase two Road closures lifted to Cavendish Place.
• Phase three Remaining Road Closures Lifted Roads Re-opened (by 23:00)
Stewarding the Event
This year EBS is adopting a 3 tier Steward system. Tier one will
comprise of 10 experienced paid senior stewards, who have been
involved in similar events across the borough. These will be paid for by
the society. As part of the contract they must attend a full briefing on
Thursday 2nd October at 7:30pm together with volunteer stewards.
The briefing will be led by Andy Holter. There will be an additional
briefing on Saturday 4th October at 5.00pm in the Crown and Anchor
for all stewards. We will have a second tier of volunteers, who will be
allocated to the ten senior marshals in approximate teams of ten. Tier
2 stewards will be responsible for staffing road closures and ensuring
spectator safety along the route. Finally, there will be third tier of
parade stewards to be supplied by visiting societies (2 per society).
These stewards will walk beside their society and aid in keeping back
any encroaching crowds and monitoring procession and public safety
as the procession progresses along the route
Steward Roles & Responsibilities
• To assist in the safety of the event taking direction instruction from
the Steward Manager & Senior Steward
• To arrive at 16:45 hours for 17:00 Hours Briefing (Crown & Anchor
• To look after the safety of those involved directly or indirectly with
the event.
• To wear reflective vests at all times
• To move barriers and equipment where & when needed (Risk
Assess at all times)
• To direct person’s when required
• Report to injuries (if serious Life Threatening Injuries Call 999).
• If you are unable to attend call Andy Holter 07710 480512
Barrier & Signage
• Each Junction will be supplied with appropriate barriers
with reflective strips that will be placed on the highway
at the junction of the road closures with two cones and
road closed sign. These will be applied and removed at
the instruction of TSM Andy Holter.
• When moving barriers or signs ensure the safety of
both you and the public at all times.
• When redirecting traffic please ensure you do not let
traffic through your point once closed.
• Only allow Emergency Vehicles through who are
responding to 999 calls (inform Event management
Signage & Vehicles
attendance on previous occasions;
numbers visiting similar events;
proposed level of publicity;
advance ticket sales;
the effect of Bank Holidays, school holidays or
good/bad weather;
whether some days are going to be particularly
busy, eg first or final days;
whether any extra visitors will attend special
attractions taking place at the event; and
allowance for unexpectedly large numbers of
people turning up.
Where are the nearest bus and train stations
located and will existing timetables be
Where are the local car and coach parks?
Is existing parking adequate?
Is the layout of roads and pedestrian routes to
the venue adequate to deal with the expected
Are there any other venues nearby (especially
those which may affect the crowding situation at
your event)?
Is any construction work being carried out or
proposed in the area? Roadworks could delay the
arrival of crowds and lead to a late rush.
Entrances and exits
Means of escape in event of emergency
Provision for people with special needs
Maintenance of venue and equipment (eg
Facilities such as toilets and information points
Access to first-aid facilities
Suitable means of access/exit for emergency
Provision for adverse weather conditions
Arrangements in place to ensure crowd safety if
maintenance or construction work is being
carried out in the venue
emergency situations (eg fire, bomb threat,
structural collapse, toxic release etc);
accident, eg traffic accident, outside or within
the venue
closure of part of the venue;
delay or cancellation, eg Start of procession
public disorder;
weather, eg a sudden change of weather and
adverse weather conditions such as too
hot/cold, heavy rainfall/snowfall, high winds
Crushing between people
Crushing against fixed structures, such as
Trampling underfoot
Surging, swaying or rushing
Aggressive behaviour
Dangerous behaviour, such as climbing on
equipment, running down steep slopes or
throwing objects
Use natural exits and walkways to clear
Emergency Procedures
Will give inform Event Manager of a possible emergency.
Will liaise with Event Co-ordination Team who will agree on a course of action.
The Event Safety Officer will:
In appropriate circumstances transmit the following coded message over all radio channels to
place staff on stand-by for an evacuation:
 On hearing this message all radio traffic will stop and stewards will await further instructions
 When further action is required Control will transmit the following:
 On hearing this message the procession should be halted and all entrants moved to the nearside
(seafront side) of the road. This is to maintain a Red Route for any emergency vehicle needing to
use the seafront.
 Relay a message over the radio channel giving specific instructions.
 Notify the Police, Fire and Rescue and Ambulance Service of the incident.
Emergency Procedures
Evacuation should only be via a safe exit
and safe route away from the event
Post Emergency
 The all clear message will be relayed over all radio channels when it is deemed safe for the
procession to continue. The message will be from THE Event Safety Officer and will be as
Emergency Procedures
There is a dedicated RED route this is for emergency vehicle access or egress
this is the right hand lane of the carriage way (Road). The emergency services
have been informed that in an event of access to our route to stay on this side
of the carriage way and stewards will assist in safe passage to their destination.
In the Event of an emergency services vehicle that is in the procession needing
to leave for a call to an emergency they will put their two tones on continuous
sounding, flashing headlamps and blue lights on, they will beak formation
from the parade and head towards the nearest road closure and please then
open the closure to allow them out of the event area.
Health & Safety
• Please ensure safety of both you and others at
the event.
• Reflective jackets at all times
• Give clear instructions
• Appropriate numbers at closures
• Manual Handling Principles
• Appropriate clothing for conditions
Other Considerations
First Aid
FIRST AID will be provided by St John Ambulance
from Eastbourne Division and will see One
Ambulance and various foot teams all trained at
First Aid.
Provision of first aid will be in compliance with the
requirements of the Health and Safety Guide for
Events. The St John liaison officer within the Event
Co-ordination Team will also maintain radio contact
with SECAMB.
Other Considerations
Lost & Found Children
Whilst it is hoped that there will not be any lost children at the event, there is a
potential risk of this happening due to the potential crowd density in some areas.
Steward is to remain with the lost child and radio for assistance to the Event Coordination Team. Details of name of child to be determined and last known
whereabouts of parent. The child should then be taken to the St. John Ambulance
Control where a nominated person will take responsibility for the child.
The child’s details should be passed to Event Co-ordination Team who will in turn
notify the police liaison officer If an adult attends to meet the child is not obviously
the parent, an ID should be requested.
Should a parent report a lost child to a steward, the steward should get the parent to
stay with them and inform Control who will get the Police to attend. Do not let the
parent wander off they are the only ones who know about the child.
Other Considerations
Fire Safety
In the event of a fire the stewards should immediately notify the Event
Safety Officer by radio, giving the location and nature of the fire. They
should move people away and only tackle the fire if they have been
trained in how to do so and consider such action safe.
The Safety Officer will attend and decide on what further action if any
is required. In case of a significant fire please make this clear and the
fire service will be called immediately.
In addition East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service will be at the event to
deal with any incidents that may occur. All stewards will be briefed in
evacuation procedures should a vehicle fire occur that endangers
members of the procession and or the public.
MAP of area
Last but not Least
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