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For Students in their Food Services, Health
Center, Co-curricular & Study Spaces
Supporting Student & Staff
Health, Safety & Nutrition
Refurbishment of Food Services
 Kitchen Equipment Upgrade – In
 Central Beverage Station Upgrade
 Check-out Stand Upgrade
 Utensil Station Upgrade
 Serving Stations Upgrade
 Flooring and Paint
Four-person Cafeteria Tables Provide
More Friendly & Inviting Environment
Student Community-Centered
Cafeteria Tables
Two-person Tables for Maximum Flexibility + Booth Seating Against Wall
Health Center Renovation
Advantages to Rock & Staff Room Space
 Double doors for student entry off Plaza
 Has plumbing and sink needed by Staff
 In the Student Center nearest the most volume of
students ; good student visibility
1st floor ADA access & for emergencies out back door
Close to DSRC, Cafeteria, Clubs, ASCC, Spectator
Close to P.E., Athletics, Bookstore & Cesar Chavez Plaza
Close to Security (even in newer location in 200)
No need to remove walls or install new doorways
Do not need DSA approval (?)
Health Center Cont’d
 Refurbishment Needs
 Bathroom (1)
 Exam Rooms (2)
 Reception and Waiting Area
 Reception Counter
 Director, Mental Health Counselor, Staff Offices (3)
 New Furniture for Offices (Desks, File and Equipment
Storage and Chairs)
 Carpet in Offices (3)
 Tile in Exam Rooms
 Storage Closet for Medical Records and Equipment
If you don’t have your health…
Study-conducive seating
More Examples of how Comfortable
Seating and New Carpet Transform Area
Seating with
Office of Student Life Refurbishment
Refurbish ASCC space to accommodate OSL
Student Assistants, Senators and Club activities.
Needed: tables and
chairs, lobby furniture,
paint and floor cleaning,
boards, overhead
projector, computers,
printer, copy machine.
Flea Market Office
Refurbish two upstairs office spaces - the glass
office across from the top of the stairs and
office near balcony for two staff members,
including Flea Market and OSL staff.
Remodel Current Security Office as a
Student Outreach Office
One-stop shop for student
resources and information
and a way to promote
Chabot events and
opportunities, perhaps
even tours of campus.
Needed: existing furniture,
display cases, bulletin
boards, office equipment,
Estimated Student Center Refurbishment Estimated Budget
Cafeteria Tables & Electrical Outlets Along Perimeter
Flooring & Paint for Cafeteria
Balcony Carpet & Furniture
Health Center in Renovated Rock/Staff Room
Kitchen Equipment
Serving Area Equipment/Stations
ASCC & OSL Furniture, Paint & Flooring
Veteran's Center Furniture, Paint and Flooring
Lobby Flooring and Furniture
Total Estimated
$ 1,775,000.00

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