Prior Knowledge!

Prior Knowledge!
RE 4030
N. Vines
• Turn to your partner…
• What is prior (or background) knowledge?
• Why is it important for reading?
What is Prior Knowledge?
• acts as a lens through which we view and absorb new
information. It is a composite of who we are, based on
what we have learned from both our academic and
everyday experiences (Kujawa and Huske, 1995).
Prior Knowledge…
• “Students learn more effectively when they already know
something about a content area and when concepts in that
area mean something to them and to their particular
background or culture. When teachers link new
information to the student's prior knowledge, they
activate the student's interest and curiosity, and infuse
instruction with a sense of purpose” (Presseisen, B.Z.,
• What are some ways you can activate prior knowledge?
Strategies and Activities
• Concept Map: Spider Map.pdf
• KWHL Chart: KWHL Chart.pdf
• Preview Guide: Anticipation Guide.pdf
• Goals of Internet Workshop
 “Introducing students to relevant background knowledge”
 “Developing specific content knowledge” (Frye, et. Al, 2010).
Internet Workshop
• How does an Internet Workshop work?
• How does the teacher prepare?
• How does an Internet Workshop meet its goals?
Internet Workshop
Frye, E.M., Trathen, W. & Koppenhaver, D.A. (2010).

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