Pharmacologist & Toxicologist

Pharmacologist &
CTE Introduction
What is a Pharmacologist?
• Develop new drugs to cure, treat, and prevent
• Test substances to find if they are harmful.
• Study effects of drugs.
What is a Toxicologist?
• Find new and better ways to determine
harmful effects of poisons.
• Design and carry out studies of chemicals to
find ways they can be used safely.
• Study chemicals to prevent risk to human
health and/or the environment.
Where does a Pharmacologist work?
• Research laboratory of:
– Hospitals
– Businesses
– Universities
– Pharmaceutical companies
– Other health-related organizations
What does a Pharmacologist do?
• Give drugs to lab animals to study their
responses to the drugs.
• Check if drugs help health conditions.
• Revise medications as needed.
• Get approval from US Food & Drug
Where does a Toxicologist work?
• 9,000 Toxicologists employed in North
America in:
– Education
– Government
– Consulting
– Research foundations
– Industries
What does a Toxicologist do?
• Work with industries to make sure products
and workplaces are safe.
• Evaluate research data.
• Work for government to enforce laws that
make sure chemicals are produced, used and
disposed of safely.
• Teach others about safe use of chemicals.
How do I become a Pharmacologist?
• Must have a Bachelor’s degree (4 year degree)
with courses in Science and Mathematics.
• Must complete Doctorate degree (4 additional
years) to conduct testing on humans.
How do I become a Toxicologist?
• Bachelor’s degree (4 years of college)
• Most have Doctorate degrees (4 additional
How much does a
Pharmacologist make?
• The average yearly salary for a Pharmacologist
is $91,407 to $118,828 per year.
How much does a Toxicologist make?
• The average yearly salary for a Toxicologist is
$35,000 to $100,000.
Are jobs available?
• There will definitely be jobs in both Toxicology
and Pharmacology in the future based on
scientific advances.
• More products will be available and will
require more testing.

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