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Expect Academic Progress
January 27, 2012
Winter 2012
Today’s Agenda
• Expected Academic Progress (EAP)
• What is it
• How is it calculated
• EAP gauge on Poly Profile
• Who sees it
• How often is it updated
• Timeline
Winter 2012
EAP-What is it?
• Expected Academic Progress, or EAP, is a policy that
was implemented in the Fall 2010 quarter for
undergraduate students. It is designed to help
students graduate on time and to provide them with
the support they need along the way.
• EAP looks at how many degree applicable units a
student has completed compared to where they
should be in their academic career
Winter 2012
EAP calculations
• EAP is calculated by dividing the total number of
degree applicable units completed and in-progress by
the total number of units required for the major.
• Freshmen
• 1st year – 20%
• 2nd year – 45%
• 3rd year – 75%
• 4th year – 100%
Winter 2012
• Transfer
• 1st year – 55%
• 2nd year – 80%
• 3rd year – 100%
EAP gauge in Poly Profile
• The EAP gauge is now available to view on Poly
• The gauge resembles a speedometer and indicates
what percentage of degree applicable units a student
has completed, compared to how many they are
expected to have completed
Winter 2012
Who will and will not see the gauge
• EAP started with students accepted into an undergraduate
major as of Fall 2010
• Certain exceptions apply, such as students who have been
accepted into a blended program (4+1) and kinesiology
students with a concentration (following the 2009-2011
• Students with double majors will not see a gauge this
quarter, but it will displaying the progress towards their
primary degree starting with Spring 2012
Winter 2012
• Students that are in a graduate program; have graduated
with their undergraduate degree; or are currently in a status
of discontinued, leave of absence, or dismissed will also not
see a gauge
• If a student doesn’t have a gauge, the following message
will appear in their Poly Profile:
Winter 2012
Gauge – On Track
• The EAP tells a student whether they are “ON
TRACK” or “OFF TRACK” in their degree progress
• “ON TRACK” means they have met or exceeded the
number of units required towards their degree at the
point in time that the gauge was last updated
Winter 2012
Gauge – Off Track
• “OFF TRACK” means they are below the expectations
for their degree progress
Winter 2012
Location in Poly Profile
• The gauge is located in
the Poly Profile in the
Academic Progress
Winter 2012
How often is it updated?
• The Poly Profile gauge is updated every quarter after
the last add/drop date (census) and before registration
begins for the subsequent term, and at the end of
Spring Quarter
• The gauge will represent units that have been
completed and that are in progress for the current
Winter 2012
• If a student does not complete/pass all the units for
that quarter after the gauge has been updated, it will
be reflected when the EAP is recalculate in the
following quarter
• The Poly Profile gauge now appears for students that
meet the criteria for EAP (i.e. admitted after Fall 2010,
• The gauge displays the data as of Winter 2012 census
• The next update will occur around mid-April
Winter 2012
• EAP measures how many degree applicable units a
student has completed compared to how many units
they are expected to have completed
• The gauge shows a student whether they are “ontrack” or “off-track” for their major, concentration, etc.
• EAP will appear in Poly Profile for undergraduate
majors that were accepted after Fall 2010 (with the
exception of some groups of students)
Winter 2012
Contact for help with EAP
Office of the Registrar
[email protected]
Winter 2012
Questions ?
Winter 2012

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