Initial Line Training

Initial Line Training
Many new line therapists have not worked with
a child with autism. In order to learn more about
autism, please watch these videos:
Please review this online course about autism
and bring with you the certificate of completion
to your face to face training.
Applied Behavior Analysis
An important part of your job will be to understand
applied behavior analysis. Please view these videos:
Applied Behavior Analysis
Please read Autism Speaks information about
Applied Behavior Analysis. Please click on the
PDF link provided.
Verbal Behavior
At EAP, we use verbal behavior to teach children
language to children with autism. Please review
the following web site and completed all 3
quizzes and bring with you to your face to face
On the following slides are some video examples
of some of the verbal operants. You will learn
more about these in your face to face training.
Please review these video examples of manding:
Please review this video example of receptive:
Please review this video example of echoic:
Please review this video example of intraverbal:
Administrative Policies
Appropriate Attire
• Employees are expected to maintain an
appearance that is neat, clean, and
• Casual but conservative attire is
• Inappropriate attire includes but may not be
limited to: low cut shirts (exposing cleavage),
short tops (exposing midriff), mini skirts,
pants worn low on hips (exposing buttocks or
underwear), offensive logo bearing garments
and gang related attire.
• No current company policy
• To prevent breakage, personal injury, or loss
of valuable items, line therapists may chose
to remove piercing and other valuable
jewelry prior to working directly with a
Appointments with Other Professionals
• Any time you are asked by a family to
accompany a child to see another
professional, you must have approval from
the child’s coordinator.
• Unless approved, line therapist cannot
attend appointments with other
School Visits
• Line therapist are not allowed to attend a
school meeting or attend school with a
child that is in public school.
• Line therapist can attend school with
children in preschool settings.
Professionalism and ethics
• The following topics should not be discussed
with families/coworkers:
– Compensation for services
– Personal situations or matters occurring outside of
– Personal opinions concerning other staff members
or any other EAP employee
– Inappropriate topics for the workplace
– Another client’s program
– Scheduling concerns or complaints
Professionalism and ethics
• Dual Relationships are to be avoided
• Babysitting, helping parents move, cleaning
their house, etc
• No connections through social networking
• Always use professional language
Cancellation Policy
• Within 24 hours of scheduled appointment:
– Contact parent and lead
• Cancellation with NO advanced notice:
– Contact parents and lead
• With 2+ days advance notice:
– Therapist canceling: Contact other lines to inquire
about covering shift,
– Contact parent and lead

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