2012 HKDSE Practice Paper 3 B1 Kery

HKDSE Practice Paper 3
B1 Key
Task 5
About the incident
1a. 3 January
1b. lunch (time)
1c. coffee shop
1d. food poisoning
1e. salmon // (salmon) sandwich
About the person affected
2a. Gracie Ma
2b. [email protected]
2c. Economics (Department)
2d. student
Follow-up action
3a. Done already
3b. food kept out of fridge
3c. insects/cockroaches
3d. staff not wearing gloves
4. Pat Lee Campus Services (Department)
Task 6
1. Eat Yourself Fitter Week on 5-10 March
2a. food stalls (on campus)
2b. called ‘Healthy Hawker Stalls’
3a. a lecture
3b. March 8
3c. 1 p.m.
3d. Lecture Room 14b
3e. By Antonia Zacha/owner of new campus restaurant
3f. Eating on a budget / on healthy eating habits
4a. competition
4b. called Super Chef
4c. March 10
4d. Antonia Zacha /owner of new campus
restaurant to take part
Suggested sample: Task 6
Dear Students,
Do you want to keep fit? ‘Eat Yourself Fitter Week’ is approaching! It will
be running from 5 to 10 March on campus and various activities will be
Firstly, food stalls, named ‘Healthy Hawker Stalls’, will be set up on campus
selling healthy cooked food. Secondly, we are honoured to invite Antonia
Zacha who promised to organise a lecture on healthy eating habits with
the topic ‘Eating on a budget’. The lecture will be at 1 p.m. on 8 March,
Thursday, in Lecture Room 14b. She also promised to run a cooking
competition called ‘Super Chef’ on Saturday, 10 March.
Attractive and meaningful, right? Come and join us! I look forward to
seeing you.
Best regards,
Pat Lee.
Task 7
1. With reference to a news article in your newspaper
2. Not only two restaurants // a new restaurant is opening in
3a. The canteen does serve food different from rice, meat and
3b. Example
4a. The canteen does serve alternatives to meat
4b. Example
5a. Not old-fashioned //was decorated over Christmas
5b. Shanghai style
6. Pat Lee from Metro U
Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to the article published in the Hong Kong Journal
entitled ‘Canteen food on campus fails students’ taste test’ dated 2
January by Simon Yau. There are some wrong criticisms about the canteen
which I want to clarify.
Firstly, the article mentions there are only two restaurants students can
go. It is not true because a new restaurant owned by Antonia Zacha is
opening in February to serve our students.
Secondly, a student criticises that the Student Canteen only serves rice,
meat and vegetables. That is wrong because a new menu by expert
nutritionist, Dr Fion Tang has been available. Students may try ‘seafood
spaghetti with cauliflower’, for example.
According to the article, there are no real alternatives to meat offered in
the canteen. I want to clarify that the canteen does serve alternatives to
meat, such as ‘vegetarian fried rice’.
Lastly, there is another view that the canteen is old-fashioned
and has not been decorated for long. In fact, it is not oldfashioned. It was decorated over Christmas to create a
To conclude, our canteen has made a lot of improvements to
provide a good eating place for students to enjoy food.
Yours faithfully,
Pat Lee
Campus Services Department
Metro U

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