How To Survive In The Canadian Wilderness

How To Survive In The Canadian
By Kylie Griffith
Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
Time :Modern time
Place: Canadian Wilderness
Season: Summer
Mood: The mood is sometimes depressed but
Brian likes the view he has and the beautiful
environment surprises and pleases him. He is
also surprised that the environment is always
teeming with life.
Survival tips
• Never eat any plants
you are not sure what
they are or if they are
• Never drink water that
comes from a lake or
stream without boiling
and sterilizing it first .
• Mushrooms can be very
dangerous if you eat the
wrong ones.
Researched facts
• The fool bird as Brian
would call it are actually
Rough Grouses named
fool hens by trappers
because of their
• The gut cherries Brian
ate are really called
chokecherries or choke
Animal Life
• In the Canadian
wilderness there are such
animals as bears, shrews,
moose and skunks and
polar bears in the colder
parts of Canada.
• Black bears usually eat
plants, nuts, and berries
so it isn't a surprise that it
was eating raspberries
• Most animals are afraid
to attack the black bear
so they have very few
• The usually look for their
dens in hollow logs, in
caves, and under fallen
• They are the smallest
bear in north America
and have stubby tails and
sharp claws.
Animal life continued
• The skunk can be found in
southern parts of Canada.
• Skunks sleep during the day
and get their food at night
• They usually eat plants ,
larvae, small rodent , lizards
, berries , roots ,leaves ,
grasses , and eggs.
• Skunks cannot see well but
have a good sense of smell.
• Skunks having a good sense
is why the skunk in Brian’s
den was able to smell the
• Skunks eat eggs so it is not
unusual that in Brian's den
he was digging up the eggs.
• Skunks have sharp claws
that are good for digging.
• The skunks enemies are
badgers , bobcats , foxes,
eagles , coyotes and large
• They usually attack the
skunk when they get really
Plant Life
• Some of the types of
trees in the Canadian
wilderness are Birch
trees ,Willow trees,
Mountain ash and Alder
• Some trees that are in
the Canadian
wilderness are conifers
and hearty trees.
Style, whimsy
Survival Kwl chart

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