The New TSeries & Cash Flow Management
Salmon Software
October 2012
Salmon Software – The Modules
Salmon Software
October 2012
The User Cockpit
TSilver - 1 user and 2 users level packages including:
• Account statement upload and reconciliation
• Cash Management – Forecasting, Planning &
• Cash Flow adjustments & transfers
• File Import – Bank Statements, Account system
info, etc.
• Including 15 days implementation
Functionality across all levels
Automated File Import
MT940 Import file
MT940 Import
Mapping made
Cash Flow Management
Forecast - Actual - Budget
Views of the planned Cash Flow "Cash Flow
TGold - 2 user and 5 users level packages including:
• All the TSilver functionality
• Dealing: Trader Pad, 4x selected Instrument
Types .
• Cash Pooling, What-if Scratch Pad and
Counterparty Limit Monitoring.
• Including 20 days implementation
Exposure & Risk
TDiamond - 2 user and 5 users level packages
• All the TGold functionality
• Dealing, including a total of 8x selected Instrument
Types .
• Intercompany trading & Position Keeping
• Risk: Mark-to-Market, Exposure & VaR
• eMail reporting and alert escalation workflows
• Including 35 days implementation
See your current
position (Mark to
Review your
trading &
positions FX,
MM, IC….
Graphics at a Click
TPlatinum- 5 user and 10 users level packages
• All the TDiamond functionality
• eTrading integration (360T)
• Unlimited Instrument types
• Payment Processing workflows and integration
• Extended user coverage.
• Including 45 days implementation.
‘The Cloud Solution’
‘Salmon is a cost effective, comprehensive
Assistant Treasurer, primarily focused on
simplicity and user friendliness. If it can be done
automatically, it does it. For the rest of a
Treasurers working day it offers a pleasant
environment and a range of functionality
allowing you clear relief and support during your
working day.’
Michal Benes
Head of Treasury Advisory
Grant Thornton s.r.o. Prague
TSilver - TGold – TDiamond - TPlatinum
TSeries - Release 4.0
Functional Enhancements:
User Configuration – Cockpit Overview
Dealing – MM role over
Risk Management
• Mark-to-Market reporting
• FX Exposure – Advanced Reporting
Cash Management
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Salmon Software
October 2012
The Company
30 Years of Knowledge – Founded in 1985
• Founded in1985 in Dublin Ireland, Salmon Software Limited
• Independent company and has over 25 years specialist experience in Treasury
• Built on Microsoft to take advantage of the continued evolution of technology.
• Heavily focused on development and customer feedback.
• Functionally rich for ‘future proof’ treasury operational growth.
• Simple and effective user interface for logical system navigation. ‘Treasury kept simple’.
• Large reporting library and simple report adjustment tools.
Salmon Software's Goal:
Support our clients in their improvement of Working Capital Management and Cash Flow
through a scalable solution that works across all levels of Treasury Management.

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