What influences my food choices

influences my
food choices?
Most people want to eat healthier.
However, many people still make
unhealthy food choices. There are
many things that influence food
What are some of those
The influences can be:
TV and other media
Mood or our feelings
Where you eat
How much money you have
Turn to your completed Food
Diary activity sheet.
How many meals/snacks were eaten “on the
How many meals/snacks were eaten while
watching TV?
How many meals/snacks were eaten with your
How many meals/snacks were eaten alone?
With someone?
How many meals/snacks were eaten because of
a specific mood?
How many meals/snacks were eaten when you
weren’t hungry? Why did you eat a meal or
snack when you weren’t hungry?
• What were your biggest influences on eating
your meals/snacks?
• When did you eat the healthiest? When did
you eat the least healthiest?
• What did you learn from this activity?
• Based on what you learned from this activity,
what do you intend to do to eat healthier in
the future?
Another influence on our eating
habits in the effect advertising has
on our food choices.
What types of food have you seen
advertised on TV and in magazines?
What do these foods have in
Many of the foods you’ve seen
advertised on TV and in magazines
are not very healthy for you.
What is the problem with
advertisements for unhealthy foods?
Studies show that people who read
or see those advertisements tend to
eat more of those kinds of foods.
Do you think you are influenced to
eat certain foods through
advertising? Why or why not?
Most people are influenced in their
food choices through advertising. If
this weren’t the case. Companies
would not spend billions of dollars a
year on advertising their food
Experts know that there is a
relationship between the number of
hours a child watches TV and the
amount of advertised foods eaten.
The food that is advertised during
the time most children and
adolescents watch TV is mostly
unhealthy food such as chips,
cookies, high-sugar cereal and
Food advertisers use many different
techniques to try to get you to buy
their food items.
What are some of these techniques?
Turn to Food Advertising
What are some ways the you can
counteract these advertising
Food Choices
• It’s important to understand the many
influences on your food choices. The more
you understand these influences, including
advertising, the smarter you will be when
choosing what foods to eat.

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