Plant eaters and Meat eaters

By Alexa, Alex ,Emily , Ryan
Meat Eater
Plant Eater
 Today we will tell you the
difference between plant
eaters and meat eaters.
 We will also tell you about
their bodies.
Comparing Their Bodies
 The plant eaters have long
necks and sometimes horns and
their tails drag. Meat eaters
have sharp teeth and their tails
do not drag and are used to
Introduction for Plant Eaters
Today we will tell you about
some of the plant eaters and
we will also tell you what a
plant eater is.
What a plant eater is:
A plant eater is a kind of
dinosaur that eats plants.
Plant Eaters
 Plant eaters that eat trees have
long necks and small heads.
Plant eaters that eat bushes
have big heads and are small .
Some plant eaters run in a
group for protection.
Meat Eaters
Meat eaters have short
arms and long claws.
Meat eaters eat small
animals and other
Meat Eaters
In this part of
our power
point we are
going to tell
you about
meat eaters. A
meat eater is a
Meat eaters
have sharp
teeth that can
be very big.
 Now you know about plant eaters and meat eaters!
Thank you for listening!
The End!!!!!!!!

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