6th Grade Power Point 2014-2015

School begins at 8:30 and ends at 3:10.
There are 8 periods in the day, with a 5 minute
homeroom at the end of the day.
Each period is about 46 minutes long.
You have 3 minutes in between classes.
What happens if I am late to class???
We expect you to be late for the first
week. We know that you are learning
your schedule and your combination.
After that, each teacher will have
his/her consequences for being tardy.
Classes in the 6th grade
Mandatory—Everyone must take
English/Language (2 periods)
Social Studies
PE--Everyday for ½ year
Art--Everyday for one nine weeks
General Music—Everyday for one nine weeks
—If you take Instrumental Music, you do not have
General Music
Instrumental Music—Band
You will receive a grade (A,B,C…) for Band!!
You must complete practice sheets that count
as part of your grade. Also, there are
performances that are part of your grade.
What is study hall?
Study hall is a class period in which you do your class
work, homework and/or get organized.
You are not permitted to use electronic devices or listen
to music.
Some teachers are available during Study Hall.
You will have PE EVERYDAY for half of the year.
You will receive an actual grade for PE.
You will be required to wear a uniform. Your grade will
be affected if you don’t wear your uniform.
Girls change in a girl’s locker room. Boys change in a
boy’s locker room.
You will sometimes take tests in PE.
You play various sports throughout the year.
Lunch is similar to what you eat now.
You get two choices for lunch every day.
You eat lunch with only 6th graders during 4th
We do have breakfast. You can eat breakfast in
the cafeteria before school starts.
What does a typical schedule look like?
1* Science
2*-3* ELA (remember ELA is two periods)
4* Lunch / Study Hall
5* Math
6* PE (one semester) / Art (one nine weeks) / General Music (one nine
7* Social Studies
8* Study Hall (if you are taking Band, you will not have this study hall)
9* Homeroom
You will receive your OWN locker with a built-in
lock. You do not share lockers.
You cannot bring in your own lock.
Teachers will help you. DON’T PANIC!!!
Cell phones, I pods, MP3 players etc.
You are allowed to bring them to school. HOWEVER, they
are YOUR responsibility.
They must be powered off and placed in your lockers for
the entire day.
It will be taken away if you have it out during school
It is NOT the school’s responsibility if it gets lost or stolen.
Can I change my schedule?
The answer is usually NO.
If we scheduled you for incorrect classes, or
you are missing a major class, then we will
change your schedule.
We cannot make changes so you can be
with friends.
Orientation in August
You will meet with your
homeroom teacher during your
orientation in August.
Do we have recess?
No, there is no recess at the middle school.
We have a study hall period opposite of lunch.
You have lunch then study hall, or study hall then lunch.
It is 22 minutes long.
What types of activities can I join? What sports are
There are no sports for 6th graders to join. If you want to
play a sport, you have to play for a community. Sports
start in the 7th grade.
There are many activities for you to join, like
Olweus Ambassadors, Newspaper, and Student Council.
We also have library and office workers.
Where do I go for help??
You can talk to your teachers, guidance counselor,
principal, or assistant principal.
Who are the guidance counselors?
Ms. Alesnik
Mrs. McNeill
How to fill out your Course Selection Sheet
If and only if an Accelerated or HA class is highlighted are you allowed to
take the course.
If you do not have any Accelerated or HA courses highlighted, you only
need to circle Instrumental Music (please make sure that you include the
instrument that you play) and have the paper signed.
Instrumental music is mainly for those who took band in the 5th grade.
IF you have Accelerated or HA classes highlighted, THEN you can CHOOSE
if you want those classes. You MUST circle the classes that you are choosing
to take. We do not want to place you in classes that you have not chosen.
Once you have chosen your classes, choose your elective, and have the
paper signed.

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