FCA 13 Gr 2 Problem Solving using the

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Pedro rode 19 miles on his
bicycle last week. This week, he
rode 10 less miles than last week.
What is 10 less than 19?
Wally had 18 basketball cards.
He had 46 baseball cards.
How many more baseball
cards than basketball cards
did Wally have?
Tammy is 2 years holder than
Kurt. Kurt is 4 years younger
than Hal. Hal is 9 years old. How
old is Tammy?
Joey gets on the school bus at
3:30. The ride from school to
home takes 30 minutes. At what
time did Joey get home?
UNRAAVEL Strategy Adapted from the Work and
Property of Larry Bell. (http://www.larry-bell.com/)
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