"Top Man" Powerpoint

Top Man
James Ramsey Ullman
Fundamentals of Literature
(pp. 35-50)
About the author . . . .
James Ramsey Ullman (1907–1971) was
an American writer and mountaineer.
The books he wrote were mostly about
His works include Banner in the Sky (which
was filmed in Switzerland as Third Man
on the Mountain), and The White Tower
(which would star Glenn Ford and Lloyd
He was the ghost writer for Tenzing
Norgay's autobiography Man of Everest
(originally published as Tiger of the
Several books were produced as major
motion pictures. [High Conquest, The
White Tower, River of The Sun,
Windom's Way, and Banner in the Sky-which was also a 1955 Newbery Honor
He also wrote the short story "Top Man", a
story about mountaineers climbing K3, a
mountain in India.
About the author . . . .
“It is the ultimate wisdom of
the mountains that we are
never so much human as when
we are striving for what is
beyond our grasp, and that
there is no battle worth the
winning save that against our
own ignorance and fear.”
- James Ramsey Ullman
Review: Characters
• dynamic—changing or
growing characters
– also “round”
• static—unchanging or
– also “flat”
Note: sometimes inanimate
objects play the roles of
• protagonist—the
central character for
whom the reader feels
– many times the hero
but not always
• antagonist—the character
who opposes the
– opposing force
– not necessarily bad or evil
Review: Conflict in Literature
Man vs. power greater than
— God –– Nature
Man vs. man
Man vs. self
“Top Man” by James Ramsey Ullman (pp. 35-50)
• Setting: Today known as K3, Mt. Kalpurtha is the fourth
highest mountain on Earth, according to the story.
FYI: The teacher could not find information about Mt. Kalpurtha on the Internet; however a mountain, K3 in the Himalayas is also known as Broad Peak, and is the
twelfth tallest peak in the world. This is a picture of Broad Peak.
“Top Man” by James Ramsey Ullman (pp. 35-50)
• What are some specific passages that clearly
reflect the influence of Ullman’s experience?
“Top Man” by James Ramsey Ullman (pp. 35-50)
• Who is the central character in the story?
“Top Man” by James Ramsey Ullman (pp. 35-50)
• Who opposes the central character?
“Top Man” by James Ramsey Ullman (pp. 35-50)
• Explain how each conflict is solved.
• Which of these conflicts is the most dominant
conflict? Why?

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